Sega Japan commited to Xbox Next

more Panzer? … 22643.html

And From Software too??? YAY! I’m hoping for more Otogi or at least Otogiesque goodness…Oh yea, and panzer too… :anjou_embarassed:

Here’s hoping.

If it’s called Panzer 360 (as in Xbox360), I’m gonna scream.

I’ll eventually die if I don’t get a Panzer game in this new generation of consoles.


Well Sega has already confirmed that they are developing a new Sonic title for the Xbox 360 (according to GameSpot). A new Panzer Dragoon RPG would really help the Xbox 360 stand out from the crowd, especially when we can expect to see Square-Enix rally its exclusive support behind Sony’s PS3.

Tecmo is also heavily rumored to be developing a sequel to Ninja Gaiden. Whether it’s being developed for the Xbox 360 or not remains to be seen. Considering how truly spectacular the original Ninja Gaiden looked (the PS2 couldn’t even hope to render anything even remotely resembling it), I doubt we’d see anyone complaining if it found its way onto the original Xbox.

Tecmo has a exclusivie contract with Microsoft I believe.Wheter its Ninja Gaiden,DOA or whatever…

Yeah and Tecmo have a bitter rivalry with Namco, so they will side against Namco whenever the opportunity presents itself. It’s hilarious. Tomonobu Itagaki publically mocked Tekken 4 (accusing it of playing like a 2D game and not moving the genre forward) and claimed that Dead or Alive 3 couldn’t be replicated on the Playstation 2 without drastically toning down the graphics. Needless to say, he infuriated a lot of people.

If you ask me, he sounds like a great guy. >:)

Have you actually seen the guy?You take one look at him and you say “the love for cleavage in DOA is now explained”.He’s got “pimp” written on his forehead XD

Lets just hope SEGA can make up for the past 2 years where they?ve been frankly poor.

I just got Spike Out and while it?s a great game with that old SEGA magic. It looks like a 1995 3DFX game (Along with Nightshade this is the lost looking SEGA game this gen)

Good to see Fromsoftware onbaord too, I love O.TO. GI 1/II.

If Spike Out is an example of that “old Sega magic,” then I have no doubt as to why Sega is doing as poorly as it is =\

I’m on about in gameplay terms.
This game feels and plays like a Arcade game in the bedroom
It?s a riot in multiplayer mode, and I bloody love it.
Like most good SEGA arcde games it seems simple at 1st, but it?s also really deep (like in Rally ect ). Some the combo and moves you can do in this are straight out of VF.

Shame the graphics let it down so much, What the hell happend AV ???

Sega will be showing a next gen game called Condemned at E3

There’s some nice titles going to be shown overall and these are just the confirmed games so far.

Notable games that will be showcased for me are the following:

Bethesda Softworks:
The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Hitman: Blood Money

Phantasy Star Universe

Electronic Arts:
Battlefield 2
Black & White 2

JoWood Productions:
Gothic III
Stargate SG-1: The Alliance


Heroes of Might & Magic V

Vivendi Universal:

Note I just looked at PC titles to mention, there’s quite a few console games that will be sweet (such as Nintendo’s new Zelda and Fire Emblem games). And of course many titles that I haven’t really heard of before and could end up being nice surprises.

And it’s also just the confirmed games list. There are definitely going to be other games too, some of them previously announced, such as Age of Empires III (it’s looking spectacular btw!)

As I read in an interview with Itagaki about Ninja Gaiden, Tecmo does not have any kind of exclusive contract with microsoft, bue Itagaki stated that “Tecmo only develop games for the most powerful systems” and can’t seem to understand why they would make a game that is “inferior technologically” when they have better hardware on hand.

Too bad a Panzer game can’t be one of its launch games. The Xbox 360 needs a good graphics pony to ride on, rail shooter or RPG.

Just got back from E3- Sega’s booth sucked. No sign of the old glimmer.

It was better than last year. It’ll probably be a long while before they’ll go back to staging dance shows like they did when Space Channel 5 was coming out, but the booth was an improvement.

No cool Smilebit style (Jet Set, Panzer, Gun Valk) games or RPGs (Skies of Arcadia) all pretty run of the mill stuff. Dark Sonic is such a bad marketing idea …