Sega is poised to unveil big name titles?

Revealed: Sega Poised to Unveil ‘Massive Amount of Brand-new Big Name Software’:

"According to retail and press sources in Japan, a significant showing of brand-new Sega software will be revealed next month as the firm aims to add meat to the somewhat paltry release schedule.

Sega Japan will hold two meetings, one for Japanese retail and one believed to be for international retail buyers. Dubbed “Sega New Work Private Meeting 2004 Spring” the meetings will take place in Tokyo April 7-9, followed by an Osaka showing on April 13-14.

Sources have confirmed to us that a massive amount of new games will be on show, saying, “My jaw dropped when I saw how many - and you will be over the moon at what’s coming out,” hinting that amongst them will be updates to some of Sega’s biggest franchises.

Which only leaves a bout of wild speculation to go at. Shenmue III perhaps, Monkey Ball 3 almost certainly. You know the score, we?ll leave the rest of the pondering to you, and of course, as soon as more info becomes available, we’ll bring it straight to you".


I think our prayers might just be answered…
And I don’t mean that we’ll see a new panzer game (who knows though) but that we might just see Sega return to it’s former glory :slight_smile:

I just hope they release at least two of them for the XBox…

Already I’m hearing rumours about the possibility of a new Shining game being showcased, titled Shining Tears (which was a name Sega registered some time ago). The name doesn’t suggest it will be a Force style Shining game, but who knows? Perhaps a “new” Shining game will make an appearance after all.

Shenmue 3 would be nice even though I haven’t bought Shenmue 2 yet. I haven’t decided which version I should buy. I’ll probably buy the Xbox version since it comes with English voice acting and slightly refined graphics, not to mention it’s incredibly cheap now (and certainly cheaper than the Dreamcast version).

Isn’t Sega converting SpikeOut to the Xbox now? I read that Sega has no plans to convert the game to either the GameCube or Playstation 2.

I’m not going to speculate over a potential disappointment because I don’t want to be left wanting. Lets just wait and see.

Actually geoff the english voice acting is what puts me off in the X-box version. Especially since the game has a lot of generic characters that arent plot relevant (unlike the first game where there werent ANY totally generic characters littering the levels) and they keep saying the same things more or less…
Japanese voice overs makes it far more atmospheric imo even if it’s different than the original game. And it needs every bit of atmosphere it can get to live up to the first game, trust me.

Well I only played Shenmue 2.For the XBox.Yes the voice acting sucked a bit,but they had that HK movie mystique to them :slight_smile:

I still loved the game very much.

prays for Shenmue III and PDS2…okay, so atleast S3 could happen soon

I think Shenmue 3 is inevitable. The costs of development will be nowhere near as high as the first game; plus, porting it across all three leading consoles could be very lucrative. Of course, I have no idea what I’m talking about, so sue me. :slight_smile:

Shadow has argued that the Dreamcast version of Shenmue 2 is superior to the Xbox version for this very reason, but why should I buy the Dreamcast version for ?30 when I can buy the Xbox version for ?10?

Btw, I just bought a cheap copy of Headhunter, and I must say, this game is awesome. I’m not even prepared to understand the Playstation 2 fanboys who slated the graphics as outdated when at the same time praised a graphically poor conversion of Resident Evil: Code Veronica as a game that showcases the graphical prowess of the Playstation 2. LMAO.

Of course, slowdown is non-existent too right?


You shouldn’t. You’ll just be buying a slightly unsuperior experience. The difference isn’t ?20 worth.

Ofcourse don’t buy it if it’s that much more expensive but perhaps you are able to find it in a God forsaken little store that still keeps Dreamcast games at an even cheaper price?

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]

Of course, slowdown is non-existent too right?[/quote]

Yep.You still have to wait a bit cause of them loading parts tho.

Believe me it was good enough to make me wanna buy a DC just for it.

It also has that movie of the first Shenmue but considering that you already played it it shouldn’t make too much of a difference to you…

I’ll keep that in mind Shadow. I feel sorry for American Dreamcast owners who were forced to either import the game from Britain or buy the Xbox version.

I will keep my eyes open.

So it’s in the same league as Legacy of Kain? :slight_smile:

Well the DC is very cheap now, you see…



Of course, slowdown is non-existent too right?

Yep.You still have to wait a bit cause of them loading parts tho.

Believe me it was good enough to make me wanna buy a DC just for it.

It also has that movie of the first Shenmue but considering that you already played it it shouldn’t make too much of a difference to you…[/quote]

The DVD’s good for nostalgia.

This is Great news.

After SEGA’s… Bad year I think SEGA are Back.

Even though SEGA did have a bad year the fact is even then they
released some Great games!

But oh yer I thought SEGA were going to make a come back and this news just about proves it.

mann think of the possabilitys!

Shining Force,
Panzer Dragoon,
Skies Of Arcadia,
Spike out Xtreme
Monkey Ball 3

OK well SEGA’s line up this year was already Great
SO this just puts the cerry on the top ;p

Sega saved themselves in 2001 and 2002 by reaching into the goodie-filled grab-bag known as their back catalog. This gave us the return of ToeJam & Earl, Shinobi, the Shining series, and a little series, you probably haven’t heard of it, I forget the name…something that rhymes with Planter Raccoon, I think. :wink: