SEGA has plans to revive major IPS'!

So SEGA recently stated they have future plans to revive old IPS’!

What do you think this means? Nights into Dreams, Skies of Arcadia, Panzer Dragoon!! Do wishes come true? What do you want to see revived or given a new breath of life?

Here is a list of some SEGA franchises:

Besides the obvious franchises you mentioned, a new Jet Set Radio would be welcome. Also, Ecco and Vectorman.

But it all depends on how the revivals are executed. Shining Force and Phantasy Star were both quite different from their predecessors; the same would likely be true of other franchises where the gameplay has aged. This could be a good or a bad thing.

I think we’re more likely to see some of these franchises revived as mobile games.

Don’t say such things.

I’m not exactly sure what would be classified as Sega’s ‘major’ IPs, but here’s a list of their best selling ones:

I can’t say I’m really excited about any of those top 15 franchises.

A number of those franchises are already active, such as Sonic and Total War. So that gives me hope that we’ll see others revived.

Project Gotham Racing appears to be a mistake too; I think that series has always been published by Microsoft (MSR was published by Sega though).

I really want to see a new Skies of Arcadia! It’s been dormant for a long time! We at least deserve a sequel. Even Legend of Legaia and Chrono Trigger got a sequel!

come on, give it a soft reboot. Or just make it in the past…Or make it so the surface world opens up or maybe you explore the Moons!

No cell phone game, no mmorg, no multiplayer garbage and no micro transactions!

Actually, I can guarantee if a Skies of Arcadia 2 came out, everyone would probably be bitching about how it doesn’t have the same magic or charm as the first game lol…

A question that’s not often asked: do you really want to see the current SEGA revive their old IPs?

Maybe not, but, well…We have nothing to lose right? It’s been so long.

There is the risk of damaging the brand in the eyes of the public. I’m not sure that that’s enough to be against a revival though.

Even with all the low quality Sonic games we still got Generations which was at least partially worth playing. And I think Mania will be worth playing as well, based on early footage.

Most of the public aren’t aware of Sega’s brands though, so any new releases won’t be judged against the originals as most people never played them.

I have no faith that Sega can successfully revive any of there past franchises and retain the charm or character of this past titles. They have long since lost the developer base and strive to make something unique. As sad as it is, I just wish they would leave these alone.

That’s potentially worse because the public will only associate the brands with the bad games. It’s like the Emperor being remembered as the hero of Panzer Dragoon Saga…