Sega GT for Dreamcast: worth getting?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if I should get Sega GT for the Dreamcast. I know it’s an old game but I hear good things about it (including the “create your car” feature). I found it cheap online; should I get it?


I found Sega GT dull and boring.

The 2002 sequel on Xbox was a massive improvement though. I think Team Andromeda had a thing for this game :stuck_out_tongue:

Temjin, if you can get it cheap then go for it, but there are better racers on DC.

Sega Rally 2 is good fun, despite the choppy frame rate and handling which doesn’t quite feel like the original game.

There’s also Daytona USA 2001 which could have been the DC’s best racer, but the oversensitive steering killed the experience for me. It’s just not Daytona without the handling.

The Saturn port is still the definitive home console version of the game; it’s ugly by today’s standards but the handling is arcade perfect. If only Sega could get an arcade perfect port of the game onto current consoles :slight_smile:

I know Geoff has a thing for Daytona USA 2001 :slight_smile:
Geoff did you use a steering wheel or controller? Maybe the controller isn’t well suited to the game.

4 Wheel Thunder, Revolt and Hydro Thunder are other fun arcade racers that you could try out. Oh, and MSR :stuck_out_tongue:

If there’s one thing the DC wasn’t short of, it was racers!

According to the game can be had for less than $5. So if you like racing games there is little risk?

I have the game, although I can’t remember much about it.

I did enjoy 2002 for Xbox though, then later replaced that with GT Online (It was essentally the same game with an XBL mode).


I already have MSR and Sega Rally 2. I do enjoy both games, but I’m in the mood for another racer, more of a sim. I could get GT 4 for PS2 but I prefer my DC over my PS2 any day.


You make a valid point, and that makes me lean towards getting it. However, if there are better racers for the same price, maybe I should get those instead

I never tried Sega GT. IMO, Sega Rally 2 was a good solid port. The split second frame drops don’t spoil it enough to ruin the gameplay. It’s a closer port than what Sega Rally for the Saturn was.

Daytona 2001, yeah, is better with the wheel. Of course, it won’t beat the force feedback you had in the arcades and it’s a bit sensitive with the analogue stick, but the gameplay was meant to be bouncey like that.

I have to admit I was annoyed with the first Saturn port because we all knew it could have been much better. Perhaps even arcade perfect. However, the DC port destroys it graphically while retaining its art style. There’s something to be had even if you are a purist.

But we don’t need ports anymore when we can emulate it on PC now. So all is forgiven Sega!

Test Drive Le Mans is pretty awesome for the DC as well for raw speed. I’m just not into racers like some peeps are, sadly.

TD:Le Mans gets my vote as well, one of only a handful of racers I’ve ever fully enjoyed. I think it may have the most impressive lighting model I ever saw on Dreamcast, as well as running twice the polygons per second as most DC games. But the controls actually felt right to me, real without being anal-realistic.

I’ve heard great things about Test Drive Le Mans as well. I think that you can’t go wrong with Daytona, but like I said, I’m in the mood for a sim. Should I get Test Drive Le Mans instead of Sega GT then?

Well I only ever tried Sega GT once, very briefly. It’s not my thing, I simply cannot play ‘dry’ driving games, and it’s visually bland to me as well. So if it’s between a GT style tuner fest or driving 250+ kmh prototypes there’s no contest for me… that’s just me though. Still, Le Mans was also the first racer I ever saw that made me think “photo-realism”, and I still think it looks more ‘real’ for the full image integrity than the PS2 GT games ever did.

Oh I liked it , but make sure to ONLY buy the Japanese version, SEGA America/Europe changed the handling for their versions and oh my is it all wrong .