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I am not sure what the strategy is here as games are free (you can remove add for a small amount of money), is this to make money ? to raise awareness on SEGA or old licences in preparation of something bigger ?

Do you think Panzer Dragoon games could make in on mobile ?
I guess saga is “slow” enough in battle system to imagine a tactile control ?

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Answering to myself

This looks like a monolog ah ah

But this effort seems to be the closest we’ve ever been to see a Panzer Dragoon port ? If it happened, it would also raise awareness again on the Panzer Dragoon franchise/world

EDIT: it seems to be difficult to just ‘emulate’ the PD games currently, they would require to be ‘ported’ which is expensive obviously. Maybe with next generation of mobiles being more powerful ?

I like the idea of classic games being made freely available, but it’s too early to tell if we’ll actually see Saturn games re-released, or whether this is just talk. The first set of games are widely available Megadrive games. The Dreamcast was mentioned more in the article (which is understandable given it’s Windows foundation, and a number of PC ports already). But not much about the Saturn; I remain skeptical that they’ll get to the Panzer Dragoon series (as much as I’d like that).

Personally I’d like to see Sega put these games on GOG (along with their existing PC ports like NiGHTS into Dreams). If they’re not charging for the games anyway, and the aim is to gain users, is DRM-free really a problem?

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It’s the typical Sammy half-hearted effort. Emu on Sonic isn’t perfect (and I bet that’s the one downloaded the most) and it’s on the wrong platforms too. Needs to be on the consoles and have perfect emu.

Pardon my ignorance but are you an ex member of the andromeda team ?

I wish lol.

I’m just an old member of here and someone who loved the original team

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ok ! I asked because of your avatar.

Speaking of the team Andromeda, do we have a list of the members, and what they do now ?