SEGA finally makes original Panzer Dragoon games soundtracks available digitally

I know we are all expecting for more but it has been a long time since SEGA officially mentioned Panzer Dragoon, right? This is quite something…
PS the collage seems a bit cheap since they don’t even use consistent fonts/colors ^^


Awesome! Not only are these the first digital releases of the original Panzer Dragoon soundtracks, but this first time the Saturn Panzer Dragoon soundtracks have had an English language release (edit: except for the original game).

Behold, the Panzer Dragoon Saga Original Soundtrack:

I can confirm that these are currently only on iTunes, not Apple Music. So, it appears that - at least for now - these albums are being sold, not rented. They are also being sold on Amazon Music. Can people confirm if this is the case for other sites?

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Yes, I was hoping they would be on Spotify too, just for convenience as I use this app a lot and have a premium there.
For instance, I am glad BraveWave did it. Even thought I purchased the physical items, it’s nice to have them here too.
So it would be nice to have these original soundtracks available on as many platforms as possible (at least the major ones: Apple music, Spotify…), not only for convenience but also to make them as visible as possible.

Hopefully, this is temporary.

And yea, I didn’t notice but you are right, they even adapted the cover for Saga.

Another opportunity to show SEGA we care.

The new Panzer Dragoon Saga Original Soundtrack appears to be based on the Memorial Album, but with only one re-arranged track instead of two, a new “2018 remix” of Sona. I only listened to the preview, but it sounded a bit better than remixes on the Memorial Album.

I will buy these albums later to check for other differences, logging off for the night now though as I have an early start tomorrow.

Yes, I just discovered this unexpected ‘new version’. I’ll let everyone make their own judgement.

Apparently, it’s on Google Play as well so accessible to pretty much everybody, which is cool.

One issue I have with the digital albums is that the artist field is listed as “SEGA”; there’s no mention of Saori Kobayashi or the other composers anywhere in the track information.

This, and the words “original soundtrack” obviously tacked on to existing cover art, makes these releases feel a little rushed. These are small issues though, and forgivable if it means we finally get these soundtracks as digital releases.

Yea, I saw someone mention it in a japanese tweet about the Panzer Dragoon Zwei soundtrack. Tbh, I hadn’t noticed this myself since this was just released yesterday.

The guy who made those metada was not very careful or could it be a copyright thing?

And yea, it looks a little bit amateur from a marketing point of view regarding the covers.