Sega enters the Matrix … ?id=104331
I don’t care for MMORPGs
I don’t care for this game
I don’t know if it will be good or not
I’m deffinitelly GLAD Sega is publishing it cos even if it’s a total turd it will sell a TON just like Enter The Matrix did so it will basically fund good Sega made games :slight_smile:

Hopefully this will be the Matrix experience that Enter the Matrix was most definitely not.

MMORPG?A success?I don’t knwo Al3x…

Oh dear God. This is going to be a huge flop on Sega’s part, mark my words. Even if it sells, it’ll never be advertised as it should to maximise sales.

I don’t know. An RPG might be good. Instead of a buggy action game. The stats of the character might represent how in touch with the Matrix they are, with powerful characters approaching Neo in skill. You might also be able to create your own holographic programs and training sequences. :smiley:

Just cos you or I don’t play them doesn’t mean they aren’t succesful games… The number of expansions EQ has would seem insane for a game to me had it not been for The Sims… Besides, it’s The Matrix, people will buy any junk just like they bought Enter The Matrix.
And Shadow, Warner Bros is still involved in the project and consider the game a continuation of the movies and the game is already advertised as well, I don’t think there’s any gamer/matrix fan combo that doesn’t know about it already even before Sega picked it up… I dunno if WB will pimp the game as well but I imagine they will…

In Sega’s E3 pics, they show the TMO press conference. The room is incredibly crowded.

Yes, because they were expecting an annoucement of some actual significance, such as NiGHTS 2 or a new console.

Actually, all of the media was informed that it would be software related before the actual show.

So, no, the “real” media didn’t think it would be an announcement of a new hardware.

It still could have been NiGHTS 2.

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They said the same about Sonic Heroes…which went on to sell a shit load in Europe and other territories. Sega is changing, and SOE are changing for the better. Finally.

Are they?How so?

Sonic Heroes sold…?

It’s still selling. I don’t know how much copies it sold, but Sonic Heroes is a real success in Europe. It’s still in the top ten of the All Format Charts.

Yay :slight_smile:


It’s still selling. I don’t know how much copies it sold, but Sonic Heroes is a real success in Europe. It’s still in the top ten of the All Format Charts.[/quote]

According to SEGA’s latest financial report, it sold 1.42 million units worldwide (150,000 for Japan, 850,000 for North America and 420,000 for Europe):

It’s good to see that their profits are finally on the increase :slight_smile:

I have a feeling its going to bomb…

It will have to stand on their own - for me the matrix franchise is as good as dead after Revolutions - as is Star Trek after Nemesis. Maybe that’s a little unfair - but what can I do about my opinion?

So if it is a good game - hey - i would LOVE to dive into the Matrix and do some cool moves. But if it sucks it no longer has a all-powerful franchise to back it up.