Sega bringing their games to Steam?

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I guess this is sort of related. I don’t know the details but it seems that Sega is now collaborating with Valve to bring their games to Steam? Check out this page: … 4730&cc=–

Abadd can perhaps elaborate on what’s going on.

Outrun 2 might be the game to persuade me to reinstall Steam…


It’s a bit disappointing that the Steam version of Outrun 2 is only for Americans at the moment - it would be nice if Sega released their games for all territories. Especially considering that the game is being distributed online, making games available in all countries at the same time shouldn’t require much extra effort (I would I thought?). Although Half-Life 2’s launch on Steam was plagued with problems, the great thing about it was that everyone who bought the game got to play it at the same time, regardless of where they lived.

However, it would be great if Sega could port more of their games to Steam and distrubute them online… especially older console games that people would be less likely to buy as a boxed copy.

As far as i knew, the last two TOTAL WAR games were on steam from last summer and since they are owned by Sega now then i guess it was just the start before the well known sega franchises begun to appear.

Only one Total War title as far as I know… Atleast there’s only one title under The Creative Assembly section. But you are right, I guess I just never associated Total War with Sega that much.

Anyway, Solo, the reason it’s probably only available in America, is because the deal is done by SoA. I imagine there are a lot of (silly tbh) technicalities to go through before making something available worldwide as different companies may own different region rights and what not…