Sega Back In Hardware Business ~ RELEASED SYSTEM

Couldn’t find a Sega site link unfortunately but, trust me, it’s official. Here are some pics of the thing: … oy-s02.htm … oy-s03.htm … oy-s04.htm

Heh, you guys have probably seen this on other sites recently-ish but I had to play this little joke with the title anyway :wink:

I think it looks fairly neat but I read somewhere that it’s not compatible with the original console’s games so that’s, well, lame… You are stuck with the games they decided on, I believe there’s two versions of it with 6 built-in games each.

I’ve actually played one of these. Me and a friend were in a gadget shop type place (don’t remember the name) and I saw it set up, and started playing Sonic the Hedgehog on it. I wanted to try to finish it in the shop, but we didn’t have much time (we were going to see a film) and my friend was horribly embarrassed with me, so I stopped playing when I got to Starlight Zone.

I’m not sure the console is worth the money considering you only get 6 games on it, but it was pretty cool none the less.

My friend wanted one of those.Why?I don’t know.He sort of collects old consoles.

I would have been tempted to buy it if the original cartriges worked with it to be honest… Now I’ll settle for the hope of finding someone who brings the Sega Saturn PC Gamepads over here… I really want one for the nostalgia factor as well as to use with my old console emulators and all the great retro style freeware games that are available…

Here’s hoping to a Sega Saturn Mini release…

Except without pre-set games, it should just use the normal Saturn CDs and be sized a little bit bigger than the CD itself…

And of course come with a few games already packaged with the system since it would be very hard to find any of them now…

Perhaps it could be made to read DVDs as well so the bundle could include a DVD or two with several games…

Oh the joy if it would have Sega Rally, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Shining Force III and Radiant Silvergun among others… And a special edition of Saturn Shenmue :stuck_out_tongue: lol.

Wouldn’t say no to a built-in (and optional) anti-aliasing function that would filter all the jagged edges and textures to make them look less horrible :anjou_love:

Ahh, it’s not gonna happen but oh well… One can dream… :anjou_sigh:

My first reaction to the subject line was, “What’s Goonboy been smoking now… guh?? Al3xand3r?!”

Then I read the article :smiley:

This looks… well… crap. But at least it’s not trying to compete with the 360 and PS3. Might give the Revolution a run for it’s money though. ^~

It makes me wonder what the future of our old games will be. While the discs may last forever, it’s obvious that our beloeved consoles won’t. Emulation seems to be the way forward, but with the Saturn who knows how long that’s going to take to stabilise. … ts_id=6378

Btw, contrary to popular belief, DVDs and CDs do not last forever. In fact, they pretty much only have a shelf life of about 20 years before the metal film inside begins to deteriorate. All those CDs you bought in the late 80’s? Well, chances are, they’ve only got a couple years left in 'em.

Time to put 'em on .wav or high bit rate mp3.

ahh really??? I better start backing up all my disks in my house =(

[quote=“Abadd”]My first reaction to the subject line was, “What’s Goonboy been smoking now… guh?? Al3xand3r?!”

Then I read the article :D[/quote]

…lol :anjou_sigh:

lol, I bought one of these well over six months ago. It’s a pretty decent gaming device. The red version has far better games, I’d like to add.

Yeah, I’ve seen that but own most of the games.