Sega Ages Die Hard Arcade :D

Maybe you knew already but anyway. Good stuff!

I finally played the whole game the other day (having beaten the demo from Sega Flash 5 a gazillion times…).I was expecting a longer game :frowning:

It was a good game both graphically and gameplay-wise. Guardian Heroes and Die Hard Arcade showed what the Saturn was capable of. The sequel was disappointing though…

yeahhhh… :anjou_happy: in fatc i might go play that demo right now :slight_smile:

Ah, my precious demo discs. :slight_smile:

100% agree .
DieHard Arcade was a classic and top laugh with a mate (the end fight was a riot) It also showed what the Saturn could really do when the VPD II was used right (in this case drawing the floors and Ceilings )
The characters had some really good texure mapping on them (Saturn was always better at this than the PS) you could even see muscle definitions and it also got some of the better Mesh effects to hid the Saturn?s lack of 3d Transparency. Oh and the QTE like bonus music rocks.

The Model 2 sequel and DC port were pants though.