Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 27 Panzer Dragoon NEW INFO....!

Here’s the new info and screenshots found on the-magicbox:

Apparently the game will have a Pandora’s Box not present in the original Saturn version. I think it’s pretty cool that they at least gave us some new content, as well as a new dragon, and Lundi character model. What do you think?

Well… I think the Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 27 Panzer Dragoon’s Pandora’s Box won’t be as good as the ones in PDZ and PDO: obviously. The best features of this new Pandora’s Box (I think) is: The Image Gallery, Films, and the Special option.

What do you think the “Special Option” could be? Imagine if it was: " Surprise we are making PDS2 and it’s development process is going well (Screenshots included)!"

But, that’s just wishfull thinking on my part.

Cool the screenshots are finally more clear. They did update it a bit, but really it is pretty hard to tell- I doubt anybody but us diehards will even noticed they touched it. It is a good and bad thing- good they didn’t mess it up, but bad they really didn’t make it look much better than it was 10 years ago- the ps2 can clearly hand more, just giving the models more shape and defination would have been nice- but again, with Sega Ages’s track record, it would probably look worse.

All the 1st game needed was High Res graphics, better frame rate and a full screen intro . That was my only problems with the 1st game, other than that the Art Direction or that intro have yet to be bettered.

I can’t wait for this

I too wouldn’t mind getting a full blown PS2 remake …Still believe it or not this will be my first PD1 copy :slight_smile:

Oh and I hope those Image Gallery and Special options have something that will be new to fans like us.Something like never before seen imagery (or even new imagery made specifically…) and…I dunno…

I agree. :anjou_happy:

According to the official Japanese website, there are videos of somebody doing a 100% shot down on each stage for you to watch if you are having problems :slight_smile: