Sega acquires Total War Developer

Where did this come from?


Interesting to see them get this developer in particular. With their track record of success in the PC market it will be nice to see what they do if they decide to create console games dominantly.

Aquiring that developer is a great move. But having them do an action game is a very questionable one. Do we really need more dynasty warrior alikes? >_<

The Total war games are the best strategy games I have eevr played but I agree with Al3xand3r.

It would be really sad if they force those guys to not make strategy games anymore. From what I hear the newest one (Rome: Total War) is a huge step forward in strategy games. It’ll be a real shame if they aren’t allowed to continue.

Just be sure you don’t jump into conclusions if you eventually hear they aren’t going to make any more strategy games.

It can be tempting to think Microsoft “forced” them to but there are things called agreements too :slight_smile:

They should do a very snazzy remake of Shogun. =D

I always wanted to see a game where you can have such immense control of troop movement and at the same time be able to jump into the action as any troop in the vein of dynasty warriors of kingdom under fire, except you won’t be uber powerful.

Gamecentral (the successor to “Digitiser”) called it “The Best Strategy Game of the last 5 years, if not ever”. I’m assuming no-one has played Starcraft there :wink:

I played Starcraft (a bit) and even Shogun Total War is enough to top it.

Shogun is my favourite strategy game of all time btw :slight_smile:

As far as Starcraft goes, for me it gets repetitive FAST. I always prefered Warcraft. Shogun and the Total War series gave me an opportunity to really get to experience massive warfare in the vein of movies such as The Last Samurai and the Lord of the Rings series (minus the whole fantasy aspect.)

In a strategy game I have always thought you should be able to defeat your opponent even if you are outnumbered without micromanaging every single unit during the attack.Good and ingenious decisions claim victory, not telling every man on the battlefield personally how they should act.

[quote=“Gehpnaet”]I played Starcraft (a bit) and even Shogun Total War is enough to top it.

Shogun is my favourite strategy game of all time btw :)[/quote]

Same… but that’s in part due to the Japanese setting. XD


The great thing about Starcraft is that it keeps things simple. You don’t have to memorize a billion different units and upgrades and formations and tactics and whatnot to have fun.

Unfortunately the problem with that is that in real life you don’t have just one person commanding an entire army. There’s a whole chain of command. So it’s really not easy to have what you’ve described if you want to be in total control of your army. You either have to give up some control and pick a specific spot in the command structure (which some games do, ranging from Civilization type games to squad-based ones) or you have to tolerate a bit of unrealistic micromanagement.

Really? Never allowed any portuguese on my grounds personally. XD Guess I’ll have to do that next time I play it through.
Shame on them though. :o That’s quite the error.


You absolutely right, in that case developers should take the route of Sega’s own Hundred Swords game, while not the best in terms of graphics and path finding issues, it does have a unique chain of command system where every group of units has one general that you command.

Well maybe that they’re a Sega studio themselves now,Creative Assembly can use that aspect from HUNDRED SWORDS in their next TOTAL WAR game or even create a new HUNDRED SWORDS game themselves…

Oh I know. =D Sometimes a priest from a rivalling clan would strut his stuff on my land to try and lure my people away from shinto. So I sent a Ninja. =D mmm, bombs.

Another Hundred Swords game would be awesome, imagin the setting and great characters plus story of Hundred Swords in a much more massive setting and incredible next-gen graphics. (drool)

Never heard of it, sounds cool though.