Sega acquires Atlus … llion-yen/

Maybe they’ll make a true sequel to Shining Force III, given their history with strategy RPGs. I can dream.


Arcie’s comment sums up the general reaction to this news from Atlus (and Sega) fans. Sega has pretty much stopped localizing their games, so it remains to be seen what that means for Atlus.

I think Sega have already shown how they feel about the classic Shining Force games with their Youtube takedowns.

Actually, I remain cautiously optimistic. Bare in mind that Atlus have publishing offices in America specialising in localising lord knows how many games. Am I correct in saying these branches too belong to Sega now? If so, it remains to be seen what they will do with them.

However, I can’t think of a better company to take over Atlus.

How are Sega doing these days?

Financially, not too bad. That said, they just confirmed another round of layoffs at Sega of America. And they also stopped localizing most of the games made in Japan. It’s a mixed bag, and most people don’t trust them not to ruin Atlus.

I don’t see Sega letting Atlas remain autonomous. Sega seem focused mostly on Japan as always so I don’t see them localizing much like Atlas did.

Oh well. We shall see.