SEGA 60th Anniversary

Some nice stuff to see here, like the history section or the avatars (like mine).

I only post this now because it’s the last day you can send a message to SEGA for their 60th Anniversary. I dunno if there’s a restriction in eligibility for the prize though. Hopefully not and I win one.

I guess mine has not gone up yet, I included a photo of my boxed Shenmue 1 & 2 DC copies and wrote :cheese:

Yay, SEGA posted my cheesy message on the SEGA 60 site, 4th one on page 93 of 94, obvs everyone will see its glorious PC port begging cheese. Also they updated the site to show the coming astro city mini etc.

Edit: oh, I guess I double posted, it’s also on page 94, around the middle, with a PDS picture instead, haha.

Hey Alex, PD Saga II, Shining Force IV, PSO3 and maybe a Golden Axe IV.

I will lead develop all of them. And I will hire you as well if you want. I WILL PAY YOU.

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