Seems the influence of Panzer Dragoon is still strong

I was watching a developer walkthrough of the upcoming Darksiders on Youtube. There’s a part where War hijacks a griffin and starts doing the “lock on and shoot” thing on angels left and right. I immediately thought of PD because the griffin looks like a Panzeresque creature. However the short sequence lacks the kinetic punch PD is known for.

Wow. Another game based on Christian concepts of the afterlife. First Dante’s Inferno and now Darksiders.

This isn’t meant so much at you , but I really wish people would stop listing every game under the sun , that as some sort of flying creature has being inspired by Dragoon .
I wouldn’t say too much , But Panzer Dragoon used a lot of inspiration
from other games and films , its self .
Yes I loved the Art, but to me the best aspect of Panzer Dragoon is the relationship with the Dragon . The feeling of just you and your pet against the whole world , and the feeling that your pet (for one of a better world) would give his own life for you .

I play lots of games and I can see the Panzer influence (Forest Stage Thunder Force V being a classic example) , but I’ll also say with out Space Harrier and the likes of Magic Carpet, and a host of films we may never have had a Panzer Dragoon game .
To me its whats the Japanese do best , take a game or film that’s already been done , and put their own spin on it