Seeking instructions for Panzer Dragoon Saga

This weekend, I had a hell of a good score at the flea market. For $20, picked up 45 Dreamcast/Saturn games, the highlight being Saturn Panzer Dragoon Saga. The downside is that games are disc-only, no packaging or instructions.

Does anyone have a copy of the instructions for PDS or know of an online source? I’d like to fire the game up in the next week or so but it’d be nice to read through the manual first.

Yup, you can find the full instruction manual on my PDS site right here:

Hope this helps. :anjou_happy:

Sweet, thanks! Now to dive in and play (;

Wow! You just got an amazing bargin (especially considering you got other stuff in that bundle as well), the game goes for insane prices on Ebay :anjou_wow:

Hope you enjoy it, it’s an incredible game :anjou_happy:

Welcome and yeah, talk about luck!

Dang whoever sold you that bundle was insane. They could have cleared up on ebay with it. Still your gain. =p