Seeker summary

EDIT: This summary contains Orta spoilers.

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Pretty good summary Solo and some good points too.

very nicely done solowing. You made some good points. I’m not sure if there is anything more I could suggest you to add but if i think of anything then i’ll get to you. And btw, I haven’t forgotten about the summaries I promised you. I’m over half-way through with my New Empire one and I plan to complete it soon :slight_smile:


Dang, Solo, i never even thought of that before… Nice stuff.

The Seekers probably didn’t regard Orta as a person, but as a weapon. I believe their actions were motivated by selfless goals, something Orta has yet to grasp the true meaning and scope of.

It does seem that way. Look at Gash’s sentence: “We must protect it at all costs”.
It? Sounds more like something the Ancients would say about their drones. …

I wonder what the Seekers were planning to do with Orta. Were they planning to attack the Empire? Orta can probably control the ancient ruins and use their power to completely destroy the Empire. Who knows maybe the Seekers even wanted to create bio-monsters themselves. It would be ironic though if the Seekers made the same mistake that the Empire made.

That could be a mistranslation, I doubt Gash would think of Orta just as an object to use and nothin more.

Gash didn’t show much respect towards Azel; in fact, he’d be well within his rights to blame her for the death of his people and many more after she activated the Tower. The Seekers, as a group, hated the ancient technology they studied. At least it seems so when Gash shouts out his desire to destroy all the ruins.

I have no idea what the Seekers had in mind for Orta. The Seekers could have changed their survival methods since the Towers no longer posed a threat to them. Even becoming more aggressive in their approach to new goals isn’t impossible.

Hopefully we can piece together their purpose for Orta from any clues that come to mind. It was something involving war, that’s for sure.

However, if we assume the Towers were altering the environment as opposed to regenerating it, perhaps the latter became Orta’s purpose: to activate ruins capable of restoring the land.

Maybe that’s why Azel created Orta: to use the Towers one more time and regenerate the land. But why would the Seekers decide to use her for war instead? Because they don’t want the Empire to control the new world?

I don’t know. Obviously the Seekers know more, and perhaps this will be used to build a future plot.

I don’t think the Seekers have a problem with the Empire controlling the word; they wouldn’t mind as long as people are in “control of their own destiny”. Again, I don’t know.

Perhaps there’s a bigger threat lurking over the horizon that the Seekers knew about. For that reason and to capture Orta, Abadd had the Empire wipe most of them out. Now I’m getting ahead of myself…

And really, we can only wonder why Azel created Orta. Was it out of love for Edge? What thoughts ran through her mind at the time?

I’m not sure if I understand what you’re saying here. Do you mean Abbad used the Empire to wipe out the Seekers?


I’m not sure if I understand what you’re saying here. Do you mean Abbad used the Empire to wipe out the Seekers?[/quote]

If Abadd’s deal with the Empire involved capturing Orta, then he knew where she was. How did he know? Did he know what they had in store for her?

I’m merely speculating. I don’t suppose the Empire would have had any compunction about killing so many Seekers.

When Gash first met Edge he told him “With him you could fight against the Empire” - refering to Lagi of course. Later Gash is seen checking out the Empire’s meddling with Shelcoof. He also speaks of the Empire “awakening a great evil that could destroy us all”. I’ve got the feeling that the Seekers wouldn’t be too pleased if the Empire controlled the world, considering how blind the Empire is. But better than Sestren in control.

It makes you wonder what other goals the Seekers had beyond destroying Sestren.