Seeker Map

I don’t think this has been posted before. It appears to be a map of all the different Seeker hideouts on the continent.

The scan is from one of the unofficial PDS guidebooks.

Cool.I don’t get the purpose of those english titles in that guide.Is it torture?!

I wouldn’t put it past them >:)

Seriously though, I think Japanese are able to read simple English phrases, so maybe it’s fashionable to have titles in English for that reason.

Thanks Solo - I remember you mentioning this a while ago, but I’d forgotten all about it. :slight_smile: Incidentally, are there any other maps in the players’ guides that haven’t been scanned and posted online yet? I noticed there were small maps showing climate zones and monster distribution in the Die Welt von Panzer Dragoon Zwei book; they didn’t look hugely impressive, but I have my scanner on hand if anyone wants to see them.

I should probably add these Seeker strongholds to the compiled every-piece-of-information-on-it map, too…

There are a few other small maps like that, but nothing overly impressive. I’ll work on scanning them and getting them online at some point.