Screenshots of "Possession", a Playstation 3 game

Link to Megagames article

Possession is apparantly being developed for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. I can’t say that the screenshots look overly impressive so far, but perhaps they are just early shots and the game will improve as it gets further into development.

Looks cool. I love zombies.


waits for RE5

I agree with Solo in that they don’t look that impressive, but then again the PS3’s power could be used to create absolutely massive levels with destruction and carnage all around; which would be cool.

This kind of sounds like the PSP game Infecred.

I hope that’s just an early shot. If that is ‘pushing it to its limits’, which I doubt, then the PS3 needs some improvement. And YAY for infected, I’m definitely trying that one. I liked every Planet Moon game to date… even though it’s just two right now.