Saturn's Action Replay

Anybody know anything about the Action Replay? I bought one for my Saturn, supposedly to give me the ability to play Japanese games. I also read it doubles as a memory card, but I can’t get that part to work. Should I just buy a standard Saturn memory card instead?

Most unofficial memory cards don’t support direct saving. That means to put something onto it you have to save it to the internal memory first, then copy the file over. Import game compatability depends on what model of the AR you’re using and which game you;re trying to play - I know Jp PDS won’t work; not sure about US/UK versions though.

Most unofficial memory cards also have a habit of deleting their data once in a while too…

My action replay card is actually quite good… sure you have the hassle of saving the game data onto the system first, restart, and then copy the data onto the card and save, but hey, no worries about the battery.
All this time I had my card, I havent lost anything… although I do not wish to tempt fate now.
Although, I just wish it did a better job with my PAL copy of PDZ.

Hi there. I assume you have the Action Replay Plus 4 in 1 cart? That’s the same one I have, which I picked up roughly 7 or 8 years ago. Well, the memory feature is simple - the card has back up memory on it, for which you may copy your Saturn games over onto it, and never worry about losing them when your battery goes out. This is a wonderful thing to have, believe me. Alternatively, there’s the possibility that they meant “memory card” as the 1MB / 4MB expansion. The Action Replay Plus doubles as an expansion card, which a lot of fighting games require, and it apparently automatically switches between 1MB and 4MB depending on which game needs it, or not at all, if the game doesn’t require additional memory.

As for playing Japanese games, in order to use that feature, you only need to put in the Action Replay cart, put in the Japanese game, and boot the system up as normal. Then just choose “Start Game” (or any other features you’d like) and it should boot the game right up.

It’s a wonderful little device, in my opinion.