Saturn Power Magazine PDS Preview and other Reviews over at PDS Oasis

I’ve acquired a few reviews and previews of PDS. One review I have is from Saturn Power Magazine issue 10 Feb. 1998.

I don’t know if we knew this or not, but the ages of Edge, Azel, and Craymen were apparently confirmed by the previewers. Also, they state that Craymen’s wife and daughter died in an imperial war…It is also said that Azel thinks Craymen is her father. Don’t know how accurate this is but it’s some interesting information.

Check out the site to view the preview from Saturn Power Magazine as well as a few reviews from Gamefan issue 5 May 1998!

They’re on the front page in the latest update.

Edge and Craymen’s ages were confirmed on Team Andromeda’s website I believe. I am not sure about Azel’s age though. It seems like it could be accurate, if we’re talking about “unfrozen” years.

As for the rest of the information, it’s hard to know what’s accurate and what’s not. There’s a lot of wrong information in that article which makes me wonder how much of it was made up by the author.

Shall we put these scans in Panzer Dragoon Legacy’s magazine scans section as well?

Yeah, sure you can add them to the site as well.

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Yeah, in the Saturn Power preview he was talking about flying from town to town and assigning set points to the dragon, to level it up in a way; when in reality we are just really playing around with the sliders, adjusting the various attributes we want most…

Aside from that, I like the artwork on the front cover. Is that close up of Edge’s head from any of the in-game FMV’s, or is it new art they made for the cover?

I’m not sure; he’s looking quite intently, it’s possibly from the part where he’s holding that big rocket launcher.

I’ve put the scans on the site. If you come across any more old scans like this please share them, it’s always interesting to look back on history surrounding the game like this.

Sure, no problem; in the future I’ll post whatever I can find.

Hmm, about the cover, next time I play the game I’ll have to pay close attention to the FMV’s.