Saturn emulation is DA BOMB

…can’t believe I just wrote that.

Anyway, put my new PC together this week. Pretty retarded that the first game I played on it was Panzer Dragoon, but I couldn’t help myself. I only played a couple of minutes because it’s late and I’m tired, but it was just like playing the Saturn original. SSF is a brilliant piece of kit.

How is compatibility? Because my PC will pretty much replace my Saturn if my games work fine. I’ll actually be able to save without worry about my data!

Every retail game that I’ve tried has worked on SSF, although I can’t say I’ve tried a huge range of games (maybe 10 - 15?).

The Sonic prototypes from don’t work on it (or don’t get very far) though. I imagine various demo discs and rarer games have similar issues.

The games don’t all work perfectly, however. My thoughts on Panzer Dragoon Saga’s performance using SSF are listed here (third post down):
It’s certainly very playable though.