Saturn carts question

hey guys

i currently have a st-key and the official 4mb cart for saturn. I know there are capcom fighters that use it to play. however i just found out that some snk (as well as capcom) fighters use a 1mb cart. will the 4mb cart work for those games also?

i have also been looking at the action replay 4m 5 in 1 cart. would it be a good idea to replace my st-key and 4mb cart with that?


I know there’s a few late games which will detect the 5-in-1 cart and refuse to run, including Azel, and… Final Fight Revenge is the only other one I know of offhand (heh). There’s a simple wiring mod to the cart which will fix that but unfortunately I’ve never got it done to mine, been on my mind to find out if the info is still around somewhere for a while now. I’ve never heard of any problems using an official 4mb cart for games that were intended for the 1mb, that would be an amazing screw up if they didn’t make sure they were compatible.

Some games aren’t - i have an official 4mb cart, which I use through a “pure” Japanese Saturn (just mentioned to illustrate that it couldn’t be any other incompatability) and when used with Samurai Spirits 4 (or was it 3? One of 'em, anyway) it causes horrendous glitching for some odd reason.

It’s been a LONG while since I’ve used my Saturn and import/ram carts.

If the combo import/ram cart doesn’t work, I recall that there was a swap trick you could do that would work for just about every game

… let the game boot with the import cartridge, then swap it out for the ram cart right when it boots up.

Or something like that.

well when i used to have vampire saviour i did the swap trick. If you get the timing right then it would work but if you didn’t it wouldn’t recognize it.

However, i heard its not good to swap carts while the power is on, which is why i was thinking about getting the 5 in 1.

I heard that the old ones had problems but I would think that they would be good now.

any other thoughts?