Satourne progress again!

Check the last two newsposts, it seems that we might actually have a stable(ish) emulator that will play atleast some games well within the year? Hopefully! Hurray for the Satourne devs! :slight_smile: !
I’m actually expecting more than I wrote for this year considering the progress they have been doing but I don’t want to get overexcited in case something goes wrong heh…

Think it will get as good as giri giri?

EDIT: i mean the giri giri version released after they discontinued and went to work with Sega, the hack of the commercial one.

I’m hoping for better actually :slight_smile: since it keeps being developed while I havent heard of any new/better hacks available yet at all… And we all know the problems Giri Giri has…
Since they’ve done so good progress if they keep it up im sure it will end up much more stable in the end even if it takes long.

What i would really like to see is correct music emulation in a saturn emulator… girigiri murders the StHA battle music :frowning:

This is exciting, i’d like to see a Ssaturn emulator that is relatively easy to use.

I’d like to see any Saturn emulator that can get through more than a quarter of PDS without crashing :slight_smile: GiriGiri is great for taking his-res screenshots and the like, but for normal gameplay it really isn’t the best…

BTW, does anyone know if the widely available GiriGiri emulator is actually the finished commercial product that Sega has adopted? It seems very rough and ready for an “official” emulator; I mean, I’ve yet to find any game that it can handle perfectly…

Actually ive had very little probelms with the version hosted on this site, it runs StHA and SF3 fine. I had lock ups on the first disk of PDS but only in 3 places, disk 2 has been fine for me so far. The only problem I have with it is the sound. StHA runs faster than it did on the saturn and PDS only rarely suffers from slowdown. I am running it on a pretty beefy machine though.

That’s great feedback vyper03 :slight_smile:
Giri Giri required a beefy machine too and was very buggy for me.
I got a Guardian Heroes Iso and it kept freezing at level changes, I had to replay levels a zillion times in order to finish it. The game was so good that it kept me playing though heh. Even tho it got bad slow downs even on my PC (P4 3Ghz, 512Mb DDR 400, GF4 Ti4200, A great intel mobo that I’m bored to get the exact name of etc…)
But then I got a Dragon Force 1 Iso and the freezing was WAY too much so I ended up getting pissed off and deleting everything about Saturn emulation from my HDD lol…
But if Satourne is already quite stable as you say then I might actually not have to buy an actual Saturn, just re-buy the games :slight_smile: (And no, I wouldn’t download them all heh, I’m on dial up…)

Fingers crossed that it will eventually play games as good as PS emus play PS games :slight_smile:

Whoops i forgot to point out that i was talking about giri giri, sorry for getting your hopes up… By “this site” I meant Sorry!


LOL, no worries, my bad :stuck_out_tongue: