"Saori Kobayashi is under way with a new project"

I added this in the PD section of the forum, although there is nothing confirmed at all, just that this artist is historically related to PD history.

So you migh want to move this in ‘other game’ section later.

I am starting to be very active on Twiter, I want to be the Bee who bites everybody’s ass here, I cannot do much, but everybody’s help cannot do wrong.

Anyway, I was sending tweets to BraveWave and they replied to me that “Saori Kobayashi is under way with a new project. We can’t announce it just yet, but fans of her work will definitely be happy! Stay tuned!”

Here is the full Tweet conversation:

@BraveWaveMusic Please send love to Saori Kobayashi for her beautiful work on Terra Magica. 🙏🏼🧡
I will contact you again soon ! 🐲🦄

— PanzerDragoonWorld (@PanzDragWorld) 26 juillet 2017

Saori Kobayashi is under way with a new project. We can’t announce it just yet, but fans of her work will definitely be happy! Stay tuned! https://t.co/MRFn7KqrOH

— Brave Wave (@BraveWaveMusic) 28 juillet 2017

It is most likely a different game as I assume Saori has to work for a living eh !

That really nice news. However, is there any particular reason you think her next work is involved on a game and not just another album?

Could be related to the big anniversary happening soon.

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You are right, I have no reason. Just got overexcited and concluded a bit quickly. However, I wonder how those artists are managing their career, I guess they need to make money. And honestly, I doubt the terra nova album was a big source of revenue for Saori. It was more of an artistic approach and a way to thank her fans. Hence my assumption she might be working on a game soundtrack, but you are right, it might be a solo album.

Would be great !

Here’s an update from Brave Wave’s Twitter - I wonder if this is the project they had mentioned to you, @Eliot-Ness ?

Saori Kobayashi and @cvxfreak are headed from Tokyo to New York to record a new album! It’s been awhile since she’s taken to the skies... 😉 pic.twitter.com/eDpPxVwuyH

— Brave Wave (@BraveWaveMusic) October 6, 2017

Could that last line be a nod to our beloved series?

Yes, I woke up to find this update from BraveWave. I guess this is what they were teasing earlier. Hopefully we will have more information soon ! And I hope this is related to Panzer of course !

Terra Magica was interesting, but PDS remains her best work. After PDS her arrangements became a bit more…floral. I wish to see more in the same vein before I die.

Later this week, we'll announce a digital, CD and vinyl release for an esteemed Japanese retro game that celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018. We’re truly excited for this one - it’s a special project that you’re all going to love!

A new saga awaits. https://t.co/nvIsUXlEcX

— Brave Wave Productions (@BraveWaveMusic) December 11, 2017
I said I didn't want to hype myself up, but I'm hyping myself up.

Yes, it’s now officially a Panzer Dragoon Saga anniversary album.

And officially licenced by Sega.

I saw the news you shared.

Just giving you a hint : there are two images because it’s a dual cover. They are the two sides of the CD (and vinyle), one side being in English, the other being in Japanese. So not two versions of the CD.

That would make sense too. That’s why I didn’t say multiple versions are a definite.