Sample/Instrument extraction (help)

Hello guys. I have never played Panzer Dragoon but last year I bumped into some of the music on youtube and since then I regularly listened to the soundtrack from Saga. I just simply love it. I am an electronic musician and have dreamed of having the exact library of sounds used in Saga, especially the percussion. Yesterday I bumped into Ancient Weapon’s topic on how to extract the actual instrumentation from Saga and was very excited!

Ancient Weapon said that (using toncnv) he ended up with a dls (DownloadableSound file) which can be used in DAW’s such as Reaper (which would be perfect for me and many other musicians I’m sure). Could somebody upload these dls files from Saga (or Zwei) for me? I would be super thankful (as I can’t seem to even extract toncnv and I dont have the game discs or anything)

I LOVE the idea of having the sounds of Panzer Dragoon in a soundfont sort of format (which I would probably sample into a library of wavs for use in Reason) because I previously thought it couldnt be done! Any help with this would be really fantastic! … php?t=3367

here is the topic I mentioned. Ancient Weapon explains the process. I may be able to try extracting sounds on a friends computer using ‘toncnv’ next week but there is a lot I dont understand about the process (I’m completely inexperienced with ripping from games).
Where do I get the Panzer Dragoon files?

  • Ancient Weapon said he didnt look for ton files and instead ran some of the bin files through toncnv. Perhaps all I need is these bin files? What are they and where can I find them?

I’m still really hoping some of you can upload a few of the dls files tho :anjou_love:

Hi there, and welcome to TWOTA :anjou_happy: I had a look at this, particularly rorirub’s post in that thread about using SSF files. I stumbled on the following link when looking up information about those:

The site has a download link for the SSF files for Zwei and Saga and a bunch of tools to work with. I’m guessing that the tonext and seqext command-line programs may be of particular use to you, since those are apparently “tone and sequence data extractors”. To be honest I have no idea what that means, but I’m guessing you can extract the TONe data using that method as well, and then use toncnv to create a dls file from it. VGMToolBox apparently contains the segext and tonext programs from the site above as well, so you might want to use that (you’ll still need to install Python though):

Wow thanks super much! This looks like a good approach. I’ve never touched python before so Im probably in for a hard time but I’ll crack on and let you know how it came along.

Can I ask if there?s a reason that you didn?t just reply to my original thread?

Anyway, Draikin?s method might work as a way to get the samples without having the disc itself. I can?t comment, as I haven?t tried it; this was the first time that I heard about tonext and seqext, which shows how well I read kingshriek?s page before? So I, too, am interested to hear about experiences with these.

Which Panzer Dragoon? There are several?! You can?t get samples from the first game, if that?s what you mean, as its OST is just fully rendered audio on the CD. As for the other two:

I did look for TON files, seeing as that?s the name of the format. When I couldn?t find those, I just searched for other very large files and tested using TONcnv to determine if any worked; those that did happened to be named whatever.BIN in the case of Saga.

StrikerX3 explained other ways in which the storage of samples and sequences can vary from game to game, including how to extract from the compound files used by Zwei, which are named whatever.SND.