Sammy wuvs Sega again :o … ry.php(queid=99274
Meh…Not sure if any of ya are interested in this but ah well :slight_smile:

Eurgh… everyone wants a piece of Sega… its like one big pie people keep taking chunks out of.

Leave Sega alone damn it…man, I really wish it was still in the days of the Saturn…everything seemed so much better back then.


erm, it was so much better back then…I think I meant ‘seems’ cos I wouldn’t be exactly sure, quite a bit of time ago…

The Mega Drive days were better.

The same goes for nintendo in the SNES days.

You know, back when they actually put some decent games out? :slight_smile:

The best games these days come from Nintendo more than they do Sega =/

Though, I have to give respect to Nintendo for Zelda: WW and Metroid Prime. Those two are among the best of this generation, IMO.

The SNES days were my golden age of gaming, though. Being an RPG man, myself, I had no shortage of games: Dragon Quest 5 and 6 (and remakes of the first 3), FF4-6, Bahamut’s Lagoo, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, etc.

16 bit RPGs are some of the most memorable, particularly those produced by Sega. I think Shining Force 1 and 2 provide for a longer and more tactically minded strategy/RPG experience than Shining Force 3 which was more story-driven.

Shame Sonic Co/Team Sonic/Camelot had to stop co-producing the Shining series with Climax (whose influence is most noticeable in the artistry of Shining Force), and then later break away from Sega itself. Sega still owns the liscence to the Shining series but has yet to do it justice (which is a shame because we all know it is more than capable of performing such a task).

The Megadrive/Genesis was a mainstream console, lending Sega a stronger position to develop so many classic games without fear of losing profits.

I found SF1 helluva boring actually >.<; It wasn’t a bad game though.

The Shining Force games went downhill after Shining Force 2. I wasted years playing Shining Force 2 thanks to its wide range of joinable warriors (over 35 compared to the mere 19 or so in Shining Force 3 scenario 1 and even less in the following scenarios). Its colourful and refined 2D graphics combined to form one of the best 16 bit RPGs money can buy. Maybe the absence of Climax and Sega contributed to the downfall of the series.

Good Strategy/RPGs are rare now, unfortunately.

I loved SF3 actually! Don’t diss it <3


Fuck off Sammy, we don’t want you sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong.

Imagine what’s going to happen if Sammy acquires enough stock to completely take over Sega?

We’d not have a company anymore. We’d have a farce.

Sega would then develop console games exclusively for the Playstation 2/3, or is Sega already heading in that direction?

We shall find out in 2004.

Then we can say goodbye to the chance of another Panzer Dragoon game for a long time.

Isn’t Sammy still making side scrolling shooters? I don’t see why they would give up on another type of “old school” game when they do those themselves?
Or am I thinking of the wrong company? Enlighten me :slight_smile:
Either way I don’t think Sega is gonna put to the market their own shares :slight_smile: They propably keep atleast 51% tight and only the rest 49% is available so that even if someone buys all the other stocks they are still in control of the company… And they have been making profit decently lately therefor I don’t think they are gonna have to resort to a buyout anytime soon…my 2 cents