Sam & Max, Renegade Anthropomorphs!

…that isn’t the title for the new game, incidentally, but it would certainly be interesting to see the reactions if it was. :anjou_embarassed:

return to our computers.Sam & Max

Now before we continue I must confess, to my harrowing despair and unmanning shame, that I haven’t played Sam & Max Hit the Road. In fact, the only point-and-click adventures that I’ve properly sat myself down to are Revolution’s Beneath a Steel Sky and Codemaster’s Cosmic Spacehead. That’s right, not even Escape from Monkey Island. I know, I’m an awful and disgraceful person. :anjou_sad:

I am trying to rectify matters with ScummVM, though…!

I have read extensively on the praise that is liberally heaped up on the franchise, though, from comics to games and even the cartoon series, so I’m willing to echo the sentiment that the return of Sam & Max is a positive development for the gaming kingdom, and from first impressions Steve Purcell doesn’t seem to want to do things by halves, which is all very good.

I have, though, been reading the Sam & Max webcomic for some months (not that impressive a feat, admittedly, seeing as it is only updated once a month anyway), ever since I was referred there by the Concerned webcomic. Quite appositely, it begins with the duo pulling themselves out of a shallow grave in which they’ve been buried alive. :wink: The adventure relocates to England - entertainingly self-deprecatory stereotypes off the port bow! - “Oh, thank God! It’s Royal Cockroach Neurosurgeon Sir Kenneth Blattodea!” ; Reading The Sun “This newspaper has naked girls on page three! Perhaps we’ve been thrust into a future where Man finally worships beauty instead of violence!”. It - along with the chortle-inducing trailer - also gives you a taster of the style of humour that I presume is common to Sam & Max, namely punnery and linguistic ostentation. It’s a fair way away from scaling the dizzy heights of PG Wodehouse in that respect, but it’s still a decent performance. :anjou_happy:

All I have to say about Sam and Max is that the cartoon series was shit.