Saga Video Project!

OMG! I found the following just browsing the web the other day.

Apparently, this guy (Who totally rocks, to say the least :anjou_happy:

Very cool!


Ah, well, um, oops! :anjou_embarassed:

It’s ok, most people that read the previous thread click on the postnuke link, find out it doesn’t work, and don’t come back :frowning:

p.s. glad you liked it! I’ve had some comments thrown my way that I need to show more variety in the attacks and whatnot, so I guess I’ll either record a new playthrough at some point or I’ll just fly around and blow shit up in a variety of ways :slight_smile:

I’m not complaining about attacks. That’s what you had to do. However, can you record how you got to Zoah? You defeated Azel, then, all of a sudden, you were in Zoah, so I was a bit confused.

Sure. It’ll be a few days before I can hook up the Saturn again, but I may have time to do it either on Thursday or possibly next weekend. I’m going to have to start a new game, so I guess it’ll give me a chance to break out a faq and try to find a faster route though the earlier portions of the game :slight_smile: