Saga subtitles

Hi there.
I had the panzer dragoon Saga subtitles(to play with Bsplayer) that i got here but i don’t knoe where they are anymore.
Does anyone have the substitles?

I don’t remember ever putting them up on TWotA. Unless they were just linked here on the forum?

You should be able to get them off the game discs anyway. .srt files or something of the like if I remember rightly. Make sure that you have hidden files visible if you’re using Windows XP.

They were linked here on the forums. I can?t find them on the game disc, i only find a common dialog text file, not subtitles.

If you’re after the text from the FMV sequences, it’s stored in the MOVIE.DAT file on the discs. I don’t know what you’d need to do with the text to get bsplayer to display it though.

However, it looks like I might have the subtitle files you’re after in an old downloads folder: a zip file named with a bunch of .srt files in it? (I don’t think I ever used them myself.) Would you like me to email you a copy?

Yes, that would be great. My email is
Thanks a lot!