Saga sold in stores?

Is Saga sold in any stores anymore? If so, does it cost less?

You can find it in stores occasionally, but if anything, it’s more expensive, due to a lack of competition.

Not always, I’ve seen posts by people who found copies in stores dirt cheap because the owners didn’t realise it was anything other than another Saturn game… It realoy all depends on how clued up the people at the store are as to how much it will cost.

Oh. Then where can I find it?

Unless you want to trawl around every pawn shop, indie game store and car boot in your area - Ebay.

Well, if you’re UK, check out your local Gamestation. Be prepared for some prices though…

Only with luck. The only place I know for sure where you can always get a copy is ebay.

MWAHAHAHAHA! I found my copy in a store.

Cost me a arm and a leg but I still got it. PAL version if anyone is wondering.


There have a few in stock , if not the cheapest ones

[quote=“Team Andromeda”]Try VGI

There have a few in stock , if not the cheapest ones[/quote]

Good prices thank you so much for that link Saga on eBay goes way too high price and to be honest I don’t trust a lot of sellers on eBay after my Dad got scammed over a mobile phone (payed ?300 pounds for a piece of paper that said go to some website that was a pyramid scheme).

About Gamestation they do stock saturn games and I saw Panzer Dragoon Zwei for ?14.99 which I suppose is a pretty good price. I didn’t look much for Saga because right next to the saturn games shelf there’s this cabinet with retro stuff in (NES, SNES, Final Fantasy VII for a high price) which people were trying to get to and it bugs me when people stand behind me waiting for something. But if I don’t win an auction for Saga on eBay or be stupid enough to not get it from then I might have a good look through the shelves :smiley: