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Now. . . I’ve never played Saga, but I am hoping to save enough money to buy it in the future.

So, this would mean that Saga was truly PD’s end right?

So then Orta totally defies Saga’s purpose, except for the fact that Orta continued from Saga’s story.“The Epic Conclusion” is just an epic title :wink:

Actually that WAS supposed to be the end of the series…
I’m glad it wasn’t in the end though :slight_smile:
Maybe now we can just call it the end of the series on the Saturn :stuck_out_tongue:

late P.S. : I was beeing sarcastic.

Oh, heh, sorry, that crossed my mind but then I thought that maybe you meant it was basically a marketing thing :x

I’m tired, just came back from class…

I think it means “This is the end of the story regarding the Towers, and the Heresy Dragon’s purpose to destroy them.” So, it was meant to be the end of that specific storyline (which was not revived in Orta thankfully), but not nessarcerily the end of the whole series.

I think… :slight_smile:

That’s on the back of the US case.

PD 1’s US case says it’s set 1,000 years in the future. You can take most things like that with a grain of salt.

And pepper.

And spam.

Well, I guess Saga was really regarded to be the end of the series.

I for one was shocked (but happy, don’t get me wrong) when Orta was announced.

No one in the community expected Sega to continue the series. The series was meant to end with Panzer Dragoon Saga, which is why we were all so surprised when Sega announced the development of a new game.

Smilebit titled the Xbox game Orta because the word means rebirth in Panzerese. They wanted to resurrect the series – to literally bring it back from the dead, so the name was more than appropriate.

We can safely conclude that the majority of Orta’s storyline was improvised (as opposed to planned from the beginning). However, I’m sure the creators have the potential future of the series mapped out in their collective heads.

Yup geof is right…

(This post originally had different content and was not so plain and silly and pointless but it was due to me misreading a post, it’s 3am and I’m tired, sorry for the inconvenience, we need to be able to delete posts dammit :P)

Saga wasn’t the end… Duh… I was a li’l worried when the Dreamcast plummeted that it was the end, but… Nah. Not the end…

Let me just say that if that was about my reply then you need to get a new and powerful brain.


Let me just say that if that was about my reply then you need to get a new and powerful brain.[/quote]

Hehehehe. Brain…