Saga is 20 years old today

This is why we need to push NOW as strong as possible. Things take time so let’s not sit on the thought that we need The Good Life to be done first.
No, these things take time to be given green light so let’s go all in right now.

I hear you. Even though I prefered the music in Saga which really suited the world IMO, I also think Azuma did an amazing work. I mean his musics are gorgeous, I just think they were not always perfectly in sync with the world and action they were supposed to accompany.

But maybe yes, some songs with this style and selected for specific moments of the game could do magic and be a good addition to Kobayashi’s style on a new game !

The ex Orta team re-united to play the game in 4K. Nice to see that happen. It might give them new ideas.
James Mielke was among the attendees and had his og Xbox shell signed.