Running the Panzer Dragoon games on Windows 10

Has anyone here installed Windows 10 yet? Particularly, my interest is in gaming on Windows 10.

Does the PC version of Panzer Dragoon work correctly and are there any issues emulating the other Saturn Panzer games (via SSF) on the latest Microsoft OS?

I have it installed, but I haven’t tried SSF yet. I’m assuming it’s going to run just fine though, I’ll see if I can try it later on. The PC version of Panzer Dragoon is a different story, I’d really have to look for that CD…

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You could just install the demo.

The demo appears to run but there’s a problem with sound effects getting stuck on a loop.

On a side note, there are a ton of privacy settings in Windows 10 related to sending data to Microsoft, which are opt-in by default. There’s even a setting that allows Microsoft to use your PC as a peer-to-peer client to distribute Windows Updates, not only locally but also to other PC’s on the internet. It’s on by default and I don’t think you’re alerted to that during installation.

That’s not good. Fans might have to play the game on SSF instead (assuming there are no issues with emulating the game on Windows 10). If Sega would submit the game to GOG, GOG could probably fix the PC version.

I won’t be using Windows 10 for everything besides gaming and testing websites in IE. OSX remains my preference, and the fact that Windows is becoming spyware just adds to the reasons to avoid it. I’m glad gaming on OSX and Linux is becoming more commonplace. Hopefully there will be a solid Saturn emulator for those platforms one day.

I haven’t had a chance to try Windows 10, but if SSF doesn’t work, emulating the Ages version is always an option.

Is the quality of PS2 emulation comparable to Saturn emulation?

I’d say it’s far better. PCSX2 is the best emulator currently available and has a really high rate of compatibility outside of the odd handful of games. I’ve played a lot of games on it in tandem with a physical PS2, copying save files to and from my laptop and PS2, and haven’t noticed any horrible inaccuracies.

Here’s a vid of the Ages version being played on it.

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Last night I installed Windows 10 and SSF.

Panzer Dragoon Saga appears to run really well; I played up until the Garil Desert and didn’t notice any issues. I look forward to playing through it again when I have a spare 15 hours. It’s been a while.

Panzer Dragoon Zwei is another story. Using the PAL version, the bottom of the screen is cut off so that the subtitles are missing. There’s also noticeable slowdown the gameplay and music. Has anyone else had issues with Panzer Dragoon Zwei and SSF on Windows 10? The laptop’s CPU is a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 and it has 16GB of RAM. I’m guessing that this is a software issue.

I’ve been trying to run the AGES version of Panzer Dragoon (via PS2 emulation) for the last two weeks and can’t get the damn thing to function. Up until now, I’d assumed I was doing something wrong, or had a setting or option ticked that shouldn’t be.

The game has this sort of vertical hop or twitch or something. It’s like a constant vertical shake or stutter that NEVER stops throughout gameplay that renders the game unplayable for me. I legitimately get a migraine from attempting to play it from the added “visual effect”, but I’m susceptible to photo-induced migraines so YMMV.

Anyway, like I said before: I just assumed I was doing something incorrectly, but watching that video posted by shakespeare, it looks like they’ve got it, too.

It seems like it’s more noticeable when I’m playing, which sucks because running the game at 6X resolution makes it look beautiful.

I looked up some other videos of people emulating it and it seems everybody has this problem, so I guess the PS2 emulators just can’t run this title properly. I don’t know. It amazes me that my Saturn emulation at this point is working better than my PS2 emulation.

I still have Orta, so I guess I’ll just have to play via Xbox. I just tested installing the PC version on my machine and it worked fine, but I’m running Windows 7.

This is probably due to using the PAL version, I’ve had the same issues with SSF and running the PAL version of Quake (it’s also what happens when I run it on my real Saturn). There might be a Bios setting or something that affects it, but I’m not sure. NTSC might be better to use if you can.

I haven’t noticed it before but I can confirm it’s happening when I try it now. Tried lowering the resolution to see if it was unnoticeable on PS2 because of it, but it still happens. Went to play it on PS2 to make sure it doesn’t happen on there as well. Looks like it is an emulation problem.

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Can US PS2’s play the SEGA AGES Panzer Dragoon? I’d assume no, since it was a Japanese game.

I wouldn’t have thought so. I played it on a modded PAL PS2.

I can confirm that the US versions of PD1, PD2, and PDS load up with SSF in Windows 10. I have not done a full play of these yet, just about 10 min each.

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No problem running Panzer Dragoon Sega Saturn Games on windows 10 with SSF Emulator :smile:
If you encounter some problem running SSF under Windows 10 (like you can hear the song but SSF emulator window doesn’t show up, just delete the SSF.ini, close the emulator and restart it).

I tried to emulate Independence Day recently, but had no luck. I had it working on Windows 7 :anjou_disappointment:

FYI, I ended up purchasing the Daemon Tools Lite mounting functions as I could not get other open source options working with Windows 10. Anyone have luck with a free program? What settings did you use?

Daemon Tools is my go-to for virtual drives. In my experience it is the best / most reliable / easiest to operate.
I thought they had a free version, maybe it was a trial.

The newer versions that have Windows 10 support have a free version, but to mount to SCSI which is required for SSF, you have to pay to unlock the feature. I did because I used it enough, but I was hoping for future reference there was a free method for doing this.

I hear that you can use a Mac to take down the mothership.