I didn’t know this was on PC … if anyone ever digs into this for a Panzer RPG let me know, maybe I could help with some graphics.

Looks a bit more complicated than it needs to be- you’d think you could have a nice huge render graphics on PC instead of the tile limitations (although sounds like you can make some huge stamps)


free demo
download.com/RPG-Maker-XP/30 … 39795.html

I started work on a Panzer RPG using an old version of RPG Maker once. I didn’t get that far, but I remember scripting a short story sequence at a campsite in the valley, and creating a valley level with waterfalls, cliffs and bridges to explore on foot.

It was just using the default sprites and things, with some mp3s of “Rest” and “A Premonition of War” for the background music.

Unfortunately I don’t remember what became of it. Unless it backed up on an old CD somewhere, it’s most likely been deleted.

how do you make the games? i.e what language?
thats if it uses any at all that is…

It doesn’t use any language per say, but it does have its own built in scripting language for making custom battle systems, scenarios etc…