Rogue Galaxy

After watching the game’s almost eight minute long trailer, the game seems inspired from so many different games, the intrigueing monster designs (Panzer Dragoon), the pirate/airship theme (Skies of Arcadia), the diversity of races and locales (Knights of the Old Republic), and fancy cinema in between segments of gameplay (Final Fantasy). It is highly doubtful the gameplay will disappoint either, given their last game Dark Cloud 2. I don’t count Dragon Quest VIII since that was more of a collaboration with Enix, and not their own unique project. You get to see some of the action-based hack and slash in the trailer, and it seems like it’s similar to what was provided in Dark Cloud 2.

A fair number of people are disappointed that this isn’t Dark Cloud 3, but I’ll take a brand new game any day as long as they end up as amazing looking as this game does. I love the style this title exudes. In the event that you don’t have a Gamespot account, I threw up the trailer here.

I don’t get excited about too many games… this happens to be one of those. Thoughts?

I don’t know anything about the gameplay aside from the fact it’s an Action RPG but the cinematics altho they have a nice polish to them contain like you said too many things already made/thought up.Unless the gameplay/story was kick ass I personally wouldn’t buy this game.

The gameplay is supposed to follow suit in Dark Cloud 2’s style, randomized dungeons and action-based combat with your standard block capabilities and various attack combos. Beyond that, nothing is known, though it’s Level 5, so I’m expecting some interesting gameplay extras. Storyline is something that can’t be delved into until you actually buy the game, or you’re willing to wait for reviewers to spill the beans.

I’ve long ditched the “unique ideas” thing, because such a thing doesn’t really exist, as every game borrows concepts, heh… even our beloved Panzer Dragoon series is guilty of this.

Of course but there are still levels of uniqueness.I just have trouble liking these games.It’s just like Final Fantasy…

Kind of looks like a Stars of Arcadia, if I had a PS2 I probably would be more interested.

I’m not sure I understand… the only thing “Final Fantasy” about Rogue Galaxy would be the excellent direction with cinematics as shown so far with the trailer. Level 5 tends to jam pack their games full of heavy replay value, so uh… I don’t quite follow what you mean, heh…

Edit: This is in response to Gehpnaet.

Final Fantasy as in a remix of things seen elsewhere.As far as aesthetics are concerned.I reckon he’s stallion is cool tho :anjou_happy:

Your post makes it sound interesting Parn, but alas, it’s on PS2, so no Rogue Galaxy for me.

Looks interesting… I’ll keep an eye on this one. Thanks for posting the trailer, Parn.

Some more stuff about this game…

I’d like to point out I don’t see the PD references aside from maybe one enemy shown so far… The rest look Final Fantasy-ish to me… As does a lot of the design of the game.

Considering the guys look like guys, and the girls look like girls, I see nothing “Final Fantasy” about the game. The art direction isn’t even remotely the same.

Whatever floats your boat though, I guess.

I guess I should have been clearer in that I was talking about the monster designs…

But either way, this could have easily been a snapshot from FFX-3 or something if it didn’t have this light cell shading kinda thing I think I’m seeing…

The environments have a similar fantasy look, and the monsters I’ve seen so far are big weird (not scary, almost cartoony) bipedal things with green skins and huge heads/mouths or giants holding huge weapons or… I really don’t see the panzer influence at all…

So females with short brown hair = Final Fantasy?


Edit: Having beaten Final Fantasy X and played countless hours of Final Fantasy XI, I see no relation between Rogue Galaxy’s aesthetics and Final Fantasy’s at all.

Right ok, so you wanted them to have an exact copy/rip of some character/fashion style in order for me to say it remidns me of the FF games?

Anyway, you are still refusing to say where exactly you see the panzer relation instead chosing to mock what I think about the the game’s aesthetics.
How about you show us how right you were about its ‘intricate monster designs’ looking like they are influenced by Panzer Dragoon’s?

And, please, no vague similarities like I gave for FF since you dislike those so much and think they are totally wrong.

I guess this one has familiar looking “cracks” but we can’t really see its shape and everything for an overall impression:

I don’t quite see a definite Panzer-ish theme in most of the enemies shown so far, only that one FMV shot. Still, most of the others so far totally negate that effect by being nothing close to Panzer in any way. I don’t think you should claim that its monster designs are Panzer-ish from seeing a single shot that looks like it could be ONE panzerish looking monster when the rest are so different.
Unless there are screenshots I haven’t seen that show several Panzer-ish monster designs. Feel free to link me and if it’s true I’ll have no reason to think otherwise.

None of those links work, maybe only for me though.

But if this game has any similiarity to any game it would be Skies of Arcadia. I don’t see the Panzer influence as well, but the only influence to FF i see is the monster design, but then again FF has had so many generic monsters that it’s really no surprise. In the end to me Rogue Galaxy is Skies of Arcadia + Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

What’s funny Al3xand3r, is that you’re trying to push a point based off a comment I made on the trailer alone, a comment I made on July 23, 2005. You know, back when that trailer was all we had to make an opinion on the game. Your using it as ammunition after the fact isn’t all that peachy.

It’s funny because I’m not argueing the point. I don’t see anything else “inspired by Panzer Dragoon” from the latest information and screens either, hence why I didn’t bother responding to that comment. But you know what? There’s absolutely nothing Final Fantasy about this game either. I see no chocobos, I see no couerls, I see no behemoths, I see no malboros, and I see no semblence of a girly looking main character set against a lead antagonist weilding an oversized sword, an effeminate attitude in regards to his looks, and long flowing hair.

Ultimately though, it sounds like you’re ready to write the game off. More power to you I guess. Level 5 is a company with some amazing programmers and talent, and it’s kind of irritating to hear someone just write off their stuff. It’s kind of like calling Treasure’s latest shooter “just another Thunderforce rip-off”.

Sorry Felix, didn’t see they don’t allow direct links to the images. I got them from here (various pages).
And, yeah, I was talking about the enemies looking they are from FF but you are right, with how many different generic designs FF has had by now it’s natural I guess.

Anyway… where exactly did I show I’m ready to write the game off? Because I think it shares some similarities with FF in art, it also automatically means I believe the game is going to be crap or a FF clone or whatever? :anjou_sigh:

Okay, here is what I think. The only similarities to Panzer Dragoon Saga in Rogue Galaxy I saw were: There is an Empire with Imperial battleships, a giant battleship can be seen trying to be sold to the Emperor of the Galaxy, the desert were the main character Jester is fighting sand worms is similar to the Garil Desert and lastly, a floater type speed bike that zooms throughout it, saving Jester from his sand worm dilemma.

Name me one RPG that doesn’t have an empire in it that either has to be battled or overthrown. The sand bike and sand worm area definitely reminds me of Panzer Dragoon, but one must wonder if this is just another boss or monster, or has actual relevance to the gameplay or story.

Ultima. Ultima II. Ultima III. Ultima IV. And so forth.

Phantasy Star II. Phantasy Star IV. Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean. The list goes on and on. =P