Ripping music from Dreamcast GD-ROMs

Does anyone know how it’s done?

I have no idea. What particular musical scores are you hoping to rip?

F1 World GP.

Unfortunately, I don’t know either :frowning:

I used to rip music from my Saturn games using Easy CD Creator but the only audio track this program can find on my DC games is the “warning” track which says the DC disc is only suitable for use in a DC and not audio equipment etc.

I’ve done some searching but can’t find much about this issue. I’ve found an old thread which talks about ripping music from Tokyo Highway Challenge here. I’ve copied and pasted the most relevant info below, but it gets kinda technical and doesn’t really offer a solution:

[quote]Quote: from Tuxedo Hirst on 6:33 pm on Dec. 18, 2001
Well, just to help in some way… a GD-ROM can’t be read by a CD-ROM drive, except for an area they let you read. On a game, this will be 3 text files with info on copyright etc. A few extras can be thrown on as well, like the movie files on Shenmue II. Generally not that much though, as that leaves less space for the game! Anyway. In basic terms, a GD-ROM works in a similar way to a CD-ROM in that it stores things as tracks. Some of the earlier Dreamcast games (such as Tokyo Highway Challenge) store their music in this way. The general format is having one large track for the main data (this displays as being about 120 minutes or so long), plus an extra audio track saying not to use the disk in anything except a Dreamcast system. Anything else is most likely an audio track.

Hope that helps, if you read it?

I read it Yeah, that’s sort of right although the CD part is just a normal CD filesystem (ISO9660). The GD-ROM is made up of two regions, separated by a data-less separator ring. The inner region contains a normal Yellow Book CD-ROM track, and a Red Book CD-DA track. This region can be read in any CD drive and can contain anything you like, in addition to the boot-info (IP.BIN, 1ST_READ.BIN and IP0000.BIN files) and files (e.g. PSO wallpaper or Shenmue movies). The outer region (outside the separator ring) is the high-density area which contains the actual game data (both files and CD-DA audio).

The outer ring isn’t readable, but the inner ring is As JPJ has pointed out, the music is stored in normal cdda tracks on the CD (use standard music playback routines instead of coding GD-ROM specifics) in THC. There are quite a few games that do this (Mars Matrix, Quake III, Daytona, etc…), it is always worth a look at in your computer or even on the music player screen on the DC; you never know what you’ll turn up (e.g. Battle Garegga arcade manuals and guides on the Saturn CD which I posted here. You (should) always get the single massive audio track, but there could be extras (e.g. Skies of Arcadia, with Vyse saying “How’re we gonna save the world from inside a CD player!” or something).[/quote]

Shadow, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of/been to the SegaXtreme site, but they have an excellent soundtrack section dedicated to DC music: … index.html

JSR, Shenmue & Skies Of Arcadia are definitely worth a look.

While the Space Channel 5 music kicks arse, it’s just not the same without the Morolians giving the instructions to the beats.