Rime - Gamescom 2014 Trailer

Another promising trailer from Gamescom: Rime.

Reminds me of Ico, but much brighter.

I like the cartoony graphics. I mean, it’s literally cartoony but in a semi serious way.

I see it’s a PS4 exclusive. Are you thinking about buying a PS4?

It looks like the better console this generation.

Eventually I might get one, especially if The Last Guardian is actually released (I highly doubt it will be released on PS3 at this point).

It looks like it will probably be a fun game to play through and enjoy. But, you guys know this game would never have existed if ICO and Shadow of the Colossus never came out!

Oh, the next Ys game was just announced for PS4. That along with the Witcher 3; so I’m one step closer to giving in.

I actually just preordered the white PS4 + Destiny bundle after it got discounted to ?399.99. Not that interested in Destiny, but it’s basically the price of a regular black PS4. I already have plenty of games to play because of PSN plus as well (looking forward to Journey on PS4).

Rime looks interesting enough, I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

Nice; maybe I’ll get lucky and The Last Guardian will be announced by the end of the year. That will be the defining factor that will eventually make me go out and get a PS4.

Yeah, you might about right about that. I’m glad more games are building upon the elements introduced in those games.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Although it isn’t very original if it’s almost a mirror image…

bump This is an old topic, but this game recently came out. It’s now multi-platform, has been released on PS4, Xbox One, Steam and was also just released on GOG literally minutes ago. A Switch version is coming later.

Has anyone played it yet? I’ve wishlisted it for now.

I’m itching to play it, but I’m waiting for the switch release.

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I played it a few weeks ago. It was like a more contained version of Zelda. You adventure from area to area, with each location feeling more enclosed and a bit restrictive as far as where you can go (it’s not open world), solving its puzzles, then moving on to the next area/progressing the story. The puzzles were quite unique, for example, using shadows to manipulate the environment. And I really liked the art direction.

For me personally though, the story gets a little depressing as you gradually find out what is going on, and has a twist ending. You might as well play it once. I had no major issues with it. The esthetics and puzzles were unique enough to keep me engaged.

It’s a nice little game to play in a few sittings. Not too long, not too short about 8 to 9 hours. Kind of like Abzu…

Same here, I will be able to play before to go to sleep

I just beat the game, I had it on Switch for a while but didn’t touch it. I’m glad I waited as the latest patch fixed quite a few things. At least, it was much nicer on the go even if it still has frame drop issues. Not too much of a problem for this kind of game IMO, but of course it would be better without that.
I really enjoyed the game, especially after having beaten Bayonetta1+2. This little adventure felt refreshing and unique.
Apparently even on more powerful consoles, the game is not optimized very well.
I guess that’s due to the technology used behind.

I recommend the game if you like games with strong artistic directions.
The music is very nice and in sync with the game progression.

Just a heads up to everyone, during the current https://www.gog.com/ sale, you can get this game for free after spending $20. Looks like a heck of a deal.


Got it for free without knowing. Sweet!

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I started playing Rime tonight. Even on PS4 Pro the framerate slows down when taking a wide pan around the island, but in most cases it’s okay since you’re usually focusing on what’s immediately in front of you. It’s a shame though. The game uses Unreal Engine 4, which is used for many other games that perform well on the same hardware.