Richard Burmer - Megellan

This is really odd- on Music Choice (free Music provided by our cable company) I thought they were playing music from Panzer Saga- it turns out it was from 1988 from Richard Burmer

the song is called: Megellan
The album is: On the Third Extreme

I can’t find the track anywhere- if somebody could find it, please post it- I swear it is Panzer …

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Hm… I don’t think it’s especially panzerish.
Sounds pretty generic RPG though.

He released 2 versions of the song- one pre-1990, the other recently (new one sounds more midi)- do you know which one you heard?

The old one was the one I thought sounded panzer-ish.

The album I downloaded says 1990, so I guess it’s the pre 1990 version.

Would it be weird to post it somewhere (change the name) for a day or so? I wanted to hear if it was the same track …

I think Enigma - Endless Quest is pretty panzerish, especially before a part near the end where they add the guitar (I think)… Anyone heard of it? :slight_smile:

you can hear part of it here- firefox wouldn’t launch the site for some reason and I had to use IE … … ard-Burmer

**Magellan **

Maybe it is the same track… I can’t actually find the Panzer track it sounds like to me …

It sounds Panzerish to me. Sort’ve catchy too.