REZ. The Butterfly ending

At bloody last. I clocked REZ in Final form with a rating above 95%, and so saw the Butterfly ending after like some 4 years of trying

Which was bloody amazing, and so charming. Shame I doubt we’ll get to see a part II

Wanna bet?Maybe one of the games Rez’s creator is bringing to the XBox 360 is a Rez spin-off/sequel…

I doubt it,

T. Mizuguchi as already said his new 360 game with having nothing to do with music (That sort of rules out a game like REZ).

And anyway SEGA hold all to rights to REZ. Shame too as there was ment to be a much deeper story to REZ that we never got to see, and the way SEGA is going I doubt we ever will

The creator of Rez had stated in an interview that he will create a sequel of it at some point except with a different name since Sega has the rights to it as you said.

And if you beat it in the starchild form with 100% shotdown on area 5 you’ll get the always fabulous HOT PINK butterfly ending.


I didn’t even know there were more than two endings for this game. It’s funny, because I was playing Rez just now.

I unlocked most of the “Beyond” mode, but not all of it, and the one day, the file went corrupt, was very annoyed. Anywho, i havn’t seen the star child! sounds cool. I got to Morolien (Spelt Incorrectly, i think) With it’s sound wave Wooobeep…

Yes, I dont get it either…