Rez (Infinite) finally arrives on PC

Well, that came out of the blue…

I played the original 4:3 Rez on Dreamcast along with the enhanced HD version on Xbox 360. I always thought it was a shame that Rez was never made available on PC.

Like Ikaruga’s release, it’s great that this classic shooter in finally available on the long lasting platform. I will likely purchase it again. Any fan of the Panzer Dragoon shooters who hasn’t played Rez should try it too.

I still really want to experience this game in VR! But, I’ve seen, as of yet, no justification to spend the money on an actual VR device as of now…That’s great more people have the chance to experience it though!

I have never played it (but I’m not too fan of the rail shooter genre, PD has a special place in my heart coz of PDS), I’d like to play that on the Switch.
Typically something I am not getting on PC or PS4, would be much nicer to be able to play on the go. + motion control would be nice for aiming.