Rez Infinite: Area X Reveal Trailer

Below is the reveal trailer for the new “Area X” that will be included in the PlayStation 4 port of Rez (titled Rez Infinite). I’m really impressed. Unlike the old areas, this one isn’t on-rails either, and you can fly around freely. I’m looking forward to playing this on PlayStation VR.

Damn, I really want to get Playstation VR; but for one game? It almost feels wroth it though, as I love the original Rez.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew looked interesting. Are there any adventure/exploration games? What other games are worth playing?

Difficult to say at this point what games will be worth playing. For the genre you mentioned, these might be of interest:

Farpoint seems interesting. Are there any fantasy games?

It’s cool that Rez is getting more content. It deserves another chance to shine and has aged well thanks to its vector based visuals.

I can’t help but wonder about VR though. Will it become a regular way of playing games or more an alternative like motion controls? With the Wii and the Kinect, they were fun for causal play, but I would always return to the less stimulating gamepad for any serious gameplay. Since the topic is about Rez, I’ll use Child of Eden as an example; I played that game a lot more without the Kinect.

Does any VR allow local co-op with two VR headsets hooked up to the same device? I wouldn’t want to watch my friend play a game if I couldn’t even see what the hell he was doing…

I’m honestly not sure. After trying Eve: Valkyrie, the first impression I had is that the level of immersion is certainly beyond anything that you could get from a regular TV. For example, in Panzer Dragoon Saga, the game really had a sense of “space”, so to say. Flying through the clouds, facing off against enemy ships and Atolm… For its time, the immersion was amazing. Now, that feeling of space and volume objects have is much more pronounced in VR. However, he quality of the screen isn’t there yet to match that of a recent TV. But I don’t think VR is going to fade away like Kinect. There are too many games and too many headsets already. Whether or not it will become the regular way of playing games: I don’t think so, if for the simply reason that you’re not aware of your surroundings. We’ll likely see more augmented reality products in the future.

I’m not sure what you mean with not even seeing what he was doing. PlayStation VR also outputs the video to your TV for precisely that reason.

I wonder about augmented reality as well. What are the killer apps that will keep gamers coming back? I tried Pokémon Go, but it’s very causal. Right now it doesn’t seem like classic controller based gaming will be threatened by these new approaches, which is honestly a relief. Sometimes I just want to immerse myself into another world, not be constantly reminded that I am still in this one, which motion controls and augmented reality tend to do. Controllers provide a very minimal link between my brain and the virtual world. VR may have the best chance of making me forget.

I think you’ll find with the right VR experience and the right VR game, it’s like night and day! How can you go back to normal gaming after feeling totally immersed in the game’s world? It’s a big deal when you can actually step into the world you admire!

That’s why it was so cool seeing some of the older games I love in VR using Omimo. Playing Skies of Aradia and Beyond Good and Evil felt like a completely new experiences. I could actually observe the details and look around. I never thought I’d be able to experience those games this way.

Now imagine how games made for VR are going to be! It’s only going to get consistently better and better. I saw some prototype video’s on Youtube where they are actually making gloves you can wear that allow you to touch and pick objects up in the VR world!

That new area in Rez looks awesome by the way! I"m digging the music too!