Rez (Dreamcast) doesn't work =(

If you remember, i bought a sealed copy of rez from eBay… but it didn’t play =O

baisically it would try to start up, get to the white screen with Sega written on it, then go back to the bootup menu

then i read somewhere to turn the dreamcast upside down… did it… and it worked!
but now… its stopped working again, upside down, sideways, etc
even with DC-X boot disk… no good

Other games sttarted to mess up for a short period of time too, but seems to be over now, but rez still doesn’t work

any ideas? i just got a great audio setup, a big monitor and a VGA box and im dying to play it!

You could always get the PS2 or Xbox 360 version. Not an ideal solution, but a solution nonetheless.

Either that, or look for a cheap Dreamcast that is capable of playing Rez without issues (you’d probably need to check the model number, etc).

Its sounds like your PSU is dirty.
You need to open up the DC , remove the power supply unit and give it little blow and if you can use a vacum to clean the inside of the DC

This could actually be a problem with the disc.

Several Dreamcast games (Mostly launch titles, however the problem could have crept up on later print runs) experienced a problem where they were crashing and exiting to BIOS for no apparent reason.

I’m gonna go with Solo here; Rez in HD on the 360 is absolutely gorgeous. I played and loved the game on the PS2, but RezHD made me say “THIS is the real Rez”. If you want to play Rez, that’s the one you should get.

Yeah, the director himself said in an interview with Edge, that he considers Rez HD to be his original vision for the game.

So whatever’s closest to what the director intended is best I say!

played RezHD in a nightclub called fabric yesterday… your right its beautifulllllll

and Brandt! thought you had dissapeared =P

What the? Does not compute.

Yeah that happens with my Worms Armegeddon disc. But it has a HUGE scratch down it, so I’m not really surprised.

Yup, HDness is the way to go.

Hi Scott m8 :stuck_out_tongue:

I also purchased a sealed PAL copy of Rez from eBay.

My Dreamcast also refused to load the game, even when turning it upside down, however there is a simple workaround:

-Turn the DC upside down
-Turn on the DC
-Grab the side of the DC which does not have the fan vent
-Slowly and repeatedly lower/raise that side of the DC back and forth about 45 degrees from the desk surface until the game successfully boots
-Place the DC back into the upside down position

The DC should behave normally during gameplay, however it will struggle to load data off the disc at certain points e.g. after the end credits the game will attempt to load the main menu but the laser will struggle to read the disc and hang. Simply repeat the raising/lowering procedure to assist the laser in reading the disc.

I can knock up a simple diagram of this procedure in Paint if anyone is uncertain about how to perform it. Although inconvenient, this method has a 100% success rate from what I’ve experienced. It should be noted that this method will work with any other Dreamcast games that have trouble booting (Power Stone 2 and Ferrari F355 Challenge through my experience).

The following text has been lifted from another forum which describes the booting problem in detail and also the upside down workaround that my procedure expanded upon:

[quote]Please read: Some older Dreamcast consoles may encounter problems booting Rez. It’s not a game problem, a boot disk problem, nor a chip problem but a GD-ROM loading problem. The error occurs at the immediate outset of the loading process when the DC moves the drive laser from the inner track to the outer track in one smooth motion. If your GD-Rom drive is old, worn, and incapable of handling this process, Rez will not load. At all. Please don’t buy Rez if you have an older Dreamcast system because it will be inevitable that we’ll suffer a return of the game.

A simple solution to help your older Dreamcast boot Rez would be to flip the Dreamcast 90 degrees on it’s side when loading up Rez or turn the console over entirely. The new position eases the GD-Rom laser’s movement and allows the DC to read past the initial boot track on the Rez disk. While not a foolproof solution, it seems to help 70% to 80% of old and dodgy Dreamcast drives. After the initial load, you can flip the DC back to its normal position for the remainder of the game. [/quote]

Link: … 30526.html

Scott, let me know if my method works.

Interestingly, googling “dreamcast upside down rez” brings up this forum topic as the first search result :smiley:

wooooahhhhhh i thought my eyes were decieving me, good to see ya chuck :anjou_love:

My DC used to work when i did a similar method to that, i had most success with it sideways

interestingly enough though, i recently tried it on my 1999 launch DC and it booted fine! ive been using that to play it recently (sometimes have to turn it on its side too but not as often)

and yeah, thers was some launch party sponsored by xbox, and my friend won tickets, they had a few xbox pods around

wasnt hooked up to the nightclub speakers tho sadly!

You still have to explain me that nightclub story, Scott.

And RYB!! what are you doing here?? You can’t just come in here after so many years and post on a Rez thread! :stuck_out_tongue:

This problem only affects PAL copies?

If so I’m just gonna import the NTSC-J version :confused:

Rez’s PAL release got a dodgy pressing and was recalled. It’s partly why it’s quite rare, because half the copies don’t work…

It’s not just caused by the discs themselves being dodgy, it’s caused by the low quality of the motor in the GD Rom drive.

Even with “Normal” discs, when GD rom drives start to wear out, they experience the same problems :frowning: (Laser getting stuck at the drive spindle)

SEGA really should have revised the design for that drive :frowning:


Even with “Normal” discs, when GD rom drives start to wear out, they experience the same problems :frowning: (Laser getting stuck at the drive spindle)

SEGA really should have revised the design for that drive :([/quote]

It’s much like the first generation 360 consoles, the drives in the older ones where Toshiba, and were very loud and had a higher percentage of disc read errors, while the later ones had Hitachi drives which were somewhat quieter and read the disc better. It could be the other way around, but you get it.

Maybe if the Dreamcast was around a little longer Sega would have invested in optimizing the hardware.