Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR

Somehow I had never heard of this game until today. Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR is your standard 2.5D bullet hell shooter, but with a twist: you can literally revolve the world around you. Pressing the left or right trigger will rotate the world up or down around the player’s ship. Your ship continues to be controlled on 2D plane, with the rotation technique being used to avoid enemy fire and obstacles. It adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay, while still retaining the precise 2D movement which makes the genre work so well.

It’s both innovate and a fun game; I just played for couple of hours straight. Maybe I have even found a new Ikaruga. The game is on sale on GOG at the moment if anyone else is interested in giving it a try.

Selling a game at that price seems ridiculous, if you consider how much time is invested into creating them. That said, I’ve been holding back on buying games nowadays, as I’ve already bought too many that I didn’t end up playing. How many hours did it take to complete (less is actually better)?

Still playing it. Like a lot of these shooters, the difficulty is quite high. Around 2 hours if you’re good (according to How Long to Beat). This, and Downwell mentioned in the other topic, are games I’d practice at over time in short sessions, rather than trying to blast through them quickly (as I would for a story driven game). Completion is a side effect of becoming good at the game, rather than the primary goal.