Retro section of GI remembers The Guardian Legend

I picked up a copy of Game Informer and turned to the retro section and discovered with joy that SOMEBODY remembered The Guardian Legend, an NES cult classic that got minimal exposure. The Guardian Legend can be described as a cross between The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Raiden. It had the dungeon crawling and stat buffing of The Legend of Zelda. It had rooms that remained sealed until certain objectives were met ala Metroid. It had vertical scrolling shooting corridors ala Raiden. It was hard and it was FAST. The music was awesome too. Is there hope for this game to appear on the Virtual Console?

The magazine also featured an article about the upcoming Aliens game from Sega. I must say that I’m very excited. It looks to become one of the scariest FPSs of all time.

I never had any real experience with the game, but always wanted to give it a go.