Resurrection of the Sega Saturn...gamepad!

Copies of the Sega Saturn gamepad (my favorite ever since I first touched it) for the PC. Hopefully they are as well made as the originals, especially the d-pad which in my opinion is the best ever created.

Anyway, just thought I’d show you this… Apparently it’s sold as the ideal pad for Sonic Heroes PC…

Reminds me of those pads that Capcom’s selling for the PS2 to go with their new game Capcom fighting all-stars. XD Looks just like a Saturn pad. I believe SNK is also pawning of Saturn pad look-a-likes.

I love my Xbox pad. I can use it with my PC. All is good. =P

The Saturn pad was much better than the crappy original PS1 pad… The PS1 pad didn’t even have a proper d-pad…

Too many mentions of the word “pad”…

Yep I think there is no better pad than the small Saturn pad.

wooooooooooooo!!! just what i need! thankyou so much!!

Heh, a company calleed NUBYtech is making em. Heh Newbie! 1

Goes off to look for ROMs :stuck_out_tongue: