Resident Evil 5 on X360 … Announced/

I’m all for it if it’s naything like Resident Evil 4(which I still haven’t played unfortunately).

Well it will be on PS3 too as the article says… So I guess the big news are “Resident Evil Goes Next Gen”… As if there ever was a doubt for that :wink:

A RE with Chris? I’ll buy it.

I think the big news is that it’s not on Nintendo’s system

yawn Another Resident Evil game. Oh dear.

Well, ‘someone’ hasn’t played/seen much of Resi 4, eh Arcie :wink:

Der Metzgermeister, the fact it wasn’t announced for the Revolution may have to do with the veil of secrecy Nintendo has placed on it rather than the game not getting a release on the system.

I thought some publisher’s were already working on games for it though, wouldn’t publisher’s know what it’s going to know the specs and what is so revolutional about the machine? I thought though, I didn’t say I know, mind you, so I could just as well be wrong. Besides that, I’ve heard/read (dunno where but could probably find something) that the revolution wasn’t supposed to have the spectacular graphical capabilities as the 360 and PS3 to make it affordable, and with nintendo’s philosophy, make games fun and not just pretty. The point I’m making here is, I think maybe capcom wants thier survival horror series to look as real as possible to heighten the excitment.

I’m with Arcie on this one. I don’t know what was so special about 4, my friend has played it with me around, and offered me the controller but it just didn’t seem very… lemme think of the word… sorry, I can’t think of one lol. I’ll probably be saying “oh no, not another” about silent hill when/if they run out of ideas, I know some ppl have already said it for SH4. So it’s not any fanboy type stuff. Also, I think the game would have fit another name better than RE for RE4 because, it was wayyyyy different, probably a good game that I should have tried, but not really RE if you catch me.

[quote=“Al3xand3r”]Well, ‘someone’ hasn’t played/seen much of Resi 4, eh Arcie :wink:

No, it’s just the fact that I suck at Resident Evil games. They’re my worst genres after RTS and FPS.

Nah not really. Capcom wants sales and almost everyone reckons the 360 and PS3 will be market leaders.
Also given that NCL don’t want to play the spec game, it will make it harder to port big budget projects like this. And I bet most of the Rev contoler fuctions will add nothing to this type of game.

Shame really.

Speak for your self mate ;). I’m a massive fan of the series and just can’t wait for this. There’s only been 6 main games in the series, not that bad and only 2 more than Panzer Dragoon.

I doubt you’ll be saying yawn yet another Panzer Dragoon game :wink: :anjou_happy:

This reply was supposed to be posted right after Der Metzgermeister’s reply to my previous post but the forums didn’t let me submit at the time…

Of course it is very likely that many developers already know the specs of the Revolution and are even developing for it, that doesn’t mean that they haven’t signed some very strict NDA though…

And, yes, Nintendo did say that the Revolution is not just about pushing raw power but also providing innovative tech and ways to game, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t also advance in that area (though I believe that it’s probably not going to be as powerful as the other two systems but that’s just what I think, nothing they’ve said really indicates that as far as I know).

Also, about Resi 5, that’s just it, how can people go “oh no, not another” when the last one was a huge departure from the previous games offering a completely new experience as far as Resi games go, showing the company IS trying new things now and not just rehashing the old?

You basically just complained because of two things in your last paragraph:
a) because the Resi games are same ol, same ol all the time
b) because Resi 4 was very different from the previous Resi games

Meh? Hope you get my point :wink:

Anyway, it seems Resi 5 is about regular zombies from those screenies and not the psycho-like enemies of Resi 4 so atleast in that respect it’s closer to the original games.

Which sucks because the AI was one of the features in the last game (or so I’ve been told by numerous sources).

But you might be wrong Al3x

I wasn’t complaining that RE4 was different than the others, I just said that since it was so different, they should have given it another name. I also never said it was the same thing as the others, I simply said that I never saw what was so special about it. I think you just misinterpreted me accidently.

No, you misinterpreted me, I never said you thought Resi 4 was the same as the others. I was just making a simple point saying that on one hand you guys go “oh no, not another one” after hearing about Resi 5 because of the samey nature of the Resi series in general and on the other hand think a negative point for Resi 4 was that it was actually something new which are two fairly contradicting points on what you find negative about the series and about Resi 4.

I didn’t misinterperet you at all. Though you did do it to me again… I never said that I thought the changes in RE4 were negative, and I tried to clear that up but you didn’t catch me right again. All I meant was that it was so different, they might as well have named it something other than Resident Evil. I don’t see how that implies any negativity. That clears letter b on

[quote]You basically just complained because of two things in your last paragraph:
a) because the Resi games are same ol, same ol all the time
b) because Resi 4 was very different from the previous Resi games[/quote]

For A, I never once said that it was the same thing, and I don’t know what you mean by ‘samey nature’. Capcom does milk thier franchizes, they do it to everything (megaman for example) and for Resident Evil there has been RE1, RE Director’s Cut, RE2, RE3, RE1(GC), RE2(GC), RE3(GC), RE0, RE4, RE Survivor, RE Survivor 2 (Japan Only), RE Code: Veronica (X), RE Outbreak, RE Outbreak File #2, RE Gaiden, and RE Dead Aim. I think that the real point I’m trying to make is that the story is getting kinda old, but they aren’t all the same and I’ve always known that. Survivor was completely different from the games before it (in terms of gameplay and setting). Yes RE 4 was new and everything, and all I said was that it didn’t seem special to me. I don’t see how any more Residen’t Evil games could be anything special anymore. That clears up letter A. So it was actually you misinterpereting me on accident.

Ok I guess I have to rephrase it somewhat, I apologise, I thought I was pretty clear but I guess I wasn’t… Here I go:

On one hand you said that you’ll go “oh no, another one” about Silent Hill when they also run out of ideas* (which I assumed it indicates that you are negative about the games being the same when there are no new ideas present - perhaps I assumed too much?)* and on the other hand when Capcom does try something new with their own series you say oh no, that’s not really a Resi game (regardless of what you think of its quality)

So what are they to develop if when they do the same thing over and over people will say that they run out of ideas and when they try something new people say that it’s not really Resident Evil anymore?


Gamespot has a Resident Evil 5 trailer.

Yea, I saw that too, and the zombies run now, YAY.

Why, change the name and create a new franchize of course. There has been 16 RE games already… Isn’t that enough?

I said never said that the same thing over and over again wasn’t negative, I said that I didn’t find the change for RE 4 negative. Also, the reason I said it probably should have been titled something other than RE was because the only thing I saw related to the others is the fact that it had a few of the same characters.

I think niether of us will win this argument since both of us are clearly not catching the points that the other is trying to make very well.

It was a survival horror game, just cos zombies weren’t included doesn’t make it that much off topic, I mean, the gameplay and atmospere changes are certainly a lot less than they were say, from PDZ to PDS (where we also see little re-appearance of old enemies) but those are considered the same series just fine… Why ditch a popular name that people recognise anyway?

What do the enemies look like in that trailer? I assumed they were zombies on that screenshot because of their posture, I guess I could be wrong like the article says though… Or they could be smart zombies :anjou_embarassed:

Running zombies/plagas things remind me of both 28 Days Later (shadows on the walls) and the James Gunn Dawn of the Dead re-make.

Running zombies are much scarier than slow ones.