Resident Evil 4...OMG!

This game is GOD! Everything about it: the gameplay, the graphics, the music, the atmosphere, the tension, it’s all utterly magnificent. I’m surprised no one has started a thread devoted to this masterpiece yet (since I knew plenty of people on here were looking forward to it). I can safely say, having completed the game, it’s not only the greatest RE game since CODE: Veronica, but the greatest Gamecube game ever.

So come on, what are your guys’ thoughts?

Actually we did have a thread.I was/am looking forward to it in a way.It caught my attention it did but I don’t own either a GC or a PS2.

Yo Gehn,

if you were a fan of the Resident Evil games, do yourself a favor and invest in a Cube. Just like Azel (PDS) was worth a Saturn all by itself, RE4 is worth a NGC on it’s own. I’m not even joking bro, this game is insane.

I’m waiting for the inevitable Xbox conversion which will no doubt include “the restoration of deleted scenes”.

No game has tempted me to buy a GameCube more than this one. Still… I refuse to buy a new console for a single game.

I grudge it myself; but am really wanting an XBox, so that I can experience Panzer Dragoon Orta (after this long wait).

Of course, there are probably other games for the system which will interest me - it may well be my ticket into gamer-dom. :anjou_happy:

I used to be looking for it when I had a Gamecube but since I had to sell mine my interest has obviously diminished. I’m just waiting for the next generation of consoles right now.

I’ll be getting the game, but as I’m fairly sure it’ll consume about a week of my life I’ve been putting it off so far - ditto for Metroid Prime 2, as I’m a bit tied up with work and things at the moment. Good to hear that it’s so impressive though, as the last time I really checked up on the game was E3, and the gameplay / control system seemed a bit jerky back then; Capcom must have polished it off well in the last few months. I’m glad that it hasn’t turned out as just another derivative sequel, too…

That’s just it : I’m not.And still ti got my attention.I never really had a urge to play any of it’s predecessors but this one looks amazing I reckon.

I bought an XBox because of PDO but that’s because I’m a worshipper of the series.

Oh and Geoff :I’m pretty sure you will be dissappointed;no XBox version will be released,


I picked this up a week ago. Great game, although my two main gripes with it are that it’s not really a Resident Evil game (pretty much the only connection are two of the characters), and the really crappy story. Gameplay was great though, and it was pretty long. I got that collector’s tin thing, so the box looks really cool, too :anjou_happy:

As far as an Xbox version of the game: right now it’s up in the air. It may or may not happen, depends on what Capcom decides. I’d really like to see it on Xbox though, it’d be nice to see a widescreen progressive scan compatable version of the game.

THE game that will be making people buy Gamecubes to play it:

The new Legend of Zelda

It’s estimated to push up GC sales by 12% alone…

Anyways, Resi 4 looked great from the clips and footage I’ve seen. It tempted me, but I doubt I’ll end up buying it, only due to the fact I’m sure my mate, who has all the Resi games up to date, will buy it and I can just steal the best gameplay for myself.

I really really want to play it… Boyfriend has it, and what he describes as he plays makes me want to play it more.
so much screaming…