Resident Evil 2 (2019 Remake)

For those interested in the RE2 Remake, it is pretty fantastic. This is how to do a remake the right way. Gameplay is downright pleasant now. The story is still as silly as ever, but the few changes they have made and the much better voice acting make a huge difference in at least keeping it fun. Capcom could have tried to make this serious, but they didn’t. I gather the dev team understood how silly the story was and decided to own it. I haven’t quite finished it yet, but definitely enjoying the playthrough. If only they could do this treatment to all the originals!

I thought it was good as well. Beat Leon’s story a few weeks ago. I especially like the bosses. It kind of sucks though that you have to pay extra money to insert the original music back into the game as dlc…

Also, Capcom apparently is planning to make Resident Evil 3 now! They already have the graphics engine from this game, so they should be able to complete it in no longer than 2 years.

It makes sense that Capcom would continue to remake the older games while there’s money to be made. I’m not sure that Resident Evil 4-6 need to be remade; they’re all readily available on modern systems, but I can see Resident Evil: Code Veronica (Dreamcast, PS2) getting a revisit at some point, especially as it features one of the protagonists from this latest remake.

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So with RE3 on the horizon the big question for someone who has never PLAYED any Resident Evil game is… play RE2 then RE3 after OR play RE2 in the middle of RE3 as the timeline suggests??

So yes I thoroughly enjoyed REmake 2. I played both Leon and Claire’s A scenarios which in hindsight I don’t think is how it’s meant to be played - from what I’ve read the A scenario of one character is meant to be complimented by the B scenario of the other, but, hey ho!

What really worked in the remake was how there was still this sense of exploration and puzzle solving from the original RE-style, but updated with the modern gameplay elements of over-the-shoulder and open environments. I think a lot of remakes lose what made the originals so special but this one succeeded because it didn’t, and then made only the right adjustments to modernise it.

Play 2 then 3. The third one explains a great deal of what happened to the city in the second game. It is a mystery for a while. I wanted to know what happened to all the police, for example, and you find out 3.

In hindsight, I think Jill should have worn her STARS outfit as a default outfit in RE3, but she was sexualized because most of the people who seemed to love the games at the time were young men, or men. From what I know.

I loved Code Veronica because you find out what happens to both Chris from the first game and Claire from the second.

The puzzles were put in the games at the time for two reasons (from what I know). 1: Most gamers were hardcore gamers. 2. The structure of the game didn’t allow for the fast-paced action that you see in modern games. It was always going there, sadly.

I might replay these games in addition to Deep Fear on the Saturn. Personally I would like to start a new survival horror series, like Resident Evil, where you find out what happens to the characters over time.

Also, without The Dreamcast, Code Veronica would not have been made the way it was (pretend I was the lead designer). It would have been a very different game on the PS2 if it started there. It was very easy to make on the DC with great visuals, which I still think look great.