Remember that trucker game?

There are no words.

Even if they had given it a 9 I think I still woulnd’t play it.

When gamespot did their annual awards for games, that game got the worst game “award”…the funny thing is that they have a video on that shows what happens if you drive your truck in reverse and try to turn.

The truck just speeds up infinitely till the world is spinning around you at insane speed!

Reader average 9.1? What kind of a sick country is that?!

What the hell does this have to do with trucker games?

Trucker =/= Redneck

I suspect we’re talking about this majesty.

LOL! I forgot about that. The topic creator could have been more clear with what he was referring to, though.

Yeah, well, I guess I’m just not a very clear guy. Hell, I’m practically opaque.